Looking Back at 5 Years of... Child of Light

Edgar writes: "To commemorate Aurora's first anniversary, we take a look at what exactly made Child of Light so special and why you should definitely play it."

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frostypants83d ago

"Looking Back at 5 Years of... Child of Light"

"To commemorate Aurora's first anniversary..."


MWH83d ago

Beautiful game, I hope we see a sequel or a game like it again.

spambot081583d ago

i should have played a sequel by now.

Segata83d ago

Played it when it came out and loved it and recently re-bought it on Switch physically. I love that it uses the Grandia battle system bar.

ZeekQuattro83d ago

I never knew that it used that battle system. Either that or I had forgotten. Might have to buy it. It seems like the Grandia collection on the Switch was either quietly canceled or they are running into issues because there haven't been updates on it in months.

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