1UP: Quantum of Solace Review

So what does a relevant Bond game look like? A lot like Solace...but a tad longer, and with something more than me-too multiplayer. Keep the theatrics -- just tone 'em down a little: Bond's always been more about subtlety, with Bruckheimer moments reserved for the appropriate times. In Solace, it's the rule, not the exception. If the game weren't already tied to two movies, the developers could've just slapped a GoldenEye 2 label on the box. Even so, GoldenEye's heyday is long gone, and Solace relies too much on nostalgia and imitation to be anything close to the next shooter milestone.

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Average movie tie in, no thanks. Bond games went downhill ever since from russia with love...

Kleptic4033d ago

yeah I must say...I really am surprised that this movie tie in game is simply average and nothing more...