Upcoming open-world games honestly need more content

Darryl Linington from Tech IT Out writes: "Open-world games much like Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 1/2, Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, and many other open-world titles have been the benchmark of open-world gaming."

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Razmiran782d ago

Usually they have so much that even after finish most of it I feel guilty for moving on to another game

dreamoner782d ago

What they have so much of is cheap content, collectibles and stuff to fill the open world. Most open world games are pretty short games if you only do the real content, i.e. main quests & non FeDex side quests; tho Witcher 3 might be the only exception with the abundance of quality content while also having all the collectibles & shit.

Livingthedream781d ago

Fall out,GTA,Red Dead, Witcher even assassins creed games have a lot of content.

zacfoldor781d ago

There is a ton of high quality content in these games:
Red Dead 2
Witcher 3

The problem isn't too much grindy content, the problem is spacing and pacing.

There are many lesser open world games that have a ton of fetch quests and mmo type collection quests with no good content, but at the top end of the genre, these games have great content.

rainslacker781d ago

I think they just need interesting content. Not so much more of the same uninteresting stuff. Even the best ones with interesting content tend to have a lot of the uninteresting stuff as well.

Bwremjoe781d ago

This. I really don't enjoy having the feeling I only played a minority of the content. HZD (here used as the banner image) is actually perfect, with no too much, not too little.

RealOldGamer781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

I both agree and disagree with this.

They need more solid, fully voiced side stories and cool activities. A new game+ mode is also very cool.

My biggest issue, is that a lot of the stuff you get after finishing the main story revolves around collecting things or boring samey side quests that really aren't all that interesting to do.

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CorndogBurglar782d ago

No they don't. The big ones are fine. All of the huge games listed in the intro are fine they way they are. It's great to have huge games like that sometimes.

That doesn't mean ALL open world games need to be like that. God of War was such a relief for me because it was an open world game, but small and contained. It was a breath of fresh air, honestly with just enough content to keep most people happy.

There is nothing wrong with that. We need variation. Open world games of all sizes. If they were all gigantic then people like me, people with full time jobs and a family, wouldn't have the time buy and play them all.

NecrumOddBoy781d ago

GOW is open-linear and that design (Metroidvania-ish perhaps) is a tried and true format that allows for meaty content without overstaying its welcome. Uncharted Lost Legacy also was partially open linear alongside its mostly wide linear gametype and it was phenomenal.

In regards to Horizon Zero Dawn vs Breath of the Wild versus Ubisoft's formula, I think Horizon had plenty of content without overstaying its welcome. It took me exactly 70 hours from start to platinum and I felt like it was a phenomenal package. Most Ubisoft games are filled with check the blocks and collect a thon's that grow so tiresome no matter how good the game is. Zelda Takes the Cake for me as one of the most overrated titles. Breath of the wild was the definition of check block repetitiveness. I would equate it to an iPhone game because the only thing you do is solve cheap physics-based puzzles over and over again to collect gems.

All these articles are popping up because of days gone. That is a game that is unfortunately taking the blunt end of the hate, masked behind the excuse of a tired open world genre. Unfortunately its 2019 and DG isn't "woke" to receive a good score. And sadly, it's going to receive worst scores than other games that have five more negative marks.

Nacho_Z782d ago

I think open world games should scale way back on quantity and ramp up quality. The game worlds don't need to shrink but the quality of what you do in them and the places you explore need work because the more we get of them the blander they get.

More interesting and engaging quests and environments and much less busy work. I like a big area to adventure in so I wouldn't change that necessarily but if there's nowt worthwhile to do what's the point.

AK91782d ago

More? I actually think the opposite

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