Riot Files Motions To Block Current Employees From Taking Legal Action

Months after five current and former employees filed lawsuits last fall and earlier this year alleging gender discrimination against League of Legends publisher Riot Games, Riot yesterday made motions to force two of those women into private arbitration, which would prevent them from taking legal action. Riot’s argument is simple: Those women waived their rights to sue the company when they were hired.

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Zodiac873d ago

Does nobody really want to engage with gaming industry happenings and corporate politics? There’s a lot more going on than just us- the consumer- just being a consumer and talking about it a 7.5 is a bad score for a game.

Segata873d ago

Never heard of them but this is some Konami bullshit.

Cobra951873d ago

I wish. This has become commonplace, forcing people to give up their right to a fair hearing in a real court. It needs to stop.

AK91873d ago

Is LOL still big? (Not trolling legit Q)

xX1NORM1Xx873d ago

Jesus Christ they really need to unionize and fast cause this is getting stupid, between nether realm treating their employees like animals and riot now saying you waive your rights as a fucking human being when you get hired this week has just been a real mess.

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