'Days Gone' Is a Parody of Big Budget Video Games

The only interesting part of PlayStation 4's new exclusive is hidden behind dozens of hours of a zombie game you've played before, and better.

The 40 hours it took me to beat Days Gone were as generic as anything I’ve seen in a big budget video game. It plays like The Last of Us mixed with Far Cry. By that I mean: there’s a big map with lots of activities, a long and melodramatic story, the ability to equip and upgrade your character and his motorcycle, and a laundry list of side quests.

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NecrumOddBoy953d ago

Only interesting part? Let's come down from your high horse with the rhetoric. It's starting to get unjustly out of hand. The game has some issues but this dog pile of nitpicky hate is dumb.

pwnmaster3000953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Yeah I really don’t understand the hate the media got for this game.
From what me and a couple of buddies have played, we really enjoy the game. Even through out some sites like YouTube, many people are voicing their opinions saying it’s a good game. I’ve seen more people say they like it then hate it, in person and on the internet. Even people I know who has both consoles and prefer Xbox, likes it. I’m loving it and maybe I’m bias because I love zombie (freakers) type games

It’s weird man. This game ain’t perfect but it’s not a trash game like how some people are making it out to be.
I feel like this will pull an uncharted if they get a chance to make a sequel.

naruga953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

it s not a trash ...but is not worth the hype ,the budget, the marketing and the development time behind it especially as a late game in PS4s life...Sony could easily have forseen this even from trailers (or pitch demos for them) and intervene to improve the thing or cancel it and fund somthing else ...if you see my comments (and others forum followers comments) when they released the first 2016 trailer , you ill understand that people didnt excited a lot from another ultra geenric zombie game and most of them had big doupts about the game ....... its the worst mix for a game .... completely bland boredome story/environement and the "unattractive" from any aspect protagonist along with 1000 times seen type of gameplay and you have Days gone

sprinterboy953d ago

Unfortunatly the media get bored of the top dog and try root for the under dog, this happens in everything from gaming, sport, tvs etc.
Seriously they'll be gaming journalist nxt gen try to down play anything positive sony do and if Sony make a hint of a mistake they'll be over them like a zombie rash.

Kosic953d ago

It's due to it being really hyped up that people are hitting it hard. Then there are people who think 6/10 means broken, buggy game. When it really means it was ok.

Other people get upset when someone expresses their opinion.

Me personally, I wasn't interested in the game from the get go. The first E3 teaser it looked kinda arcadey shooter and wasn't for me (I like my zombie games more serious ton like the last of us). Since then it has changed a little but, I will wait till the price drops before I get it.

UltraNova953d ago

What they couldn't or wouldn't say on the endlessly repetitive AC games they said for DG.

pwnmaster3000953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

What Hype tho. This game been getting trashed since day one. Have you even played it or are you just speculating? I’m guessing not because it’s far from bland and boring. Seeing a horde jump out of no where, inside a train while I was trying to open a safe house was one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in 2019 for gaming. Thinking you cleared out a cave but just having to find out there are several more zombies ready to chase and having no supplies left and hopping on your bike to have the freakers arm length away you, barely making it out is heart racing and this is 5 hours of just playing.

And what’s wrong with the protagonist?
What do you hate about him?

I think this game is crazy fun. I hope they make a sequel and fix all the issues they had.

953d ago
AnubisG953d ago

I understand it. Let me explain.

Sony is insanely successful this gen. They released one hit after another. People have grown to expect amazing games from Sony. The competition could not attack Sony on anything. It took years for the competition to come up with one thing and they made that anthill into a mountain. That one thing was crossplay. Do you remember the countless hate articles that poped up? It was so important to MS and their ilk like nothing was as important ever before. They kept on taking a dump om Sony. It blew over like the manufactured outrage that it was.

Now, they finally got something they can take huge dumps on. The Sony haters having a field day with Days Gone and since finally they got something they don't want to let it go and that is why we are grtting so many hateful "articles" about this game. Expect even more. Now they feel like they can tear down Sony. If you think that this is a conspiracy theory, just look at the evidence of the countless articles about it and where they are coming from.

outsider1624953d ago

@naruga it's a new ip, ofcourse it's going to need the hype, budget and marketing.
No one expected this to be a masterpiece like every other Sony First Parties. More like a sleeper hit.

"..cancel it and fund something else." This isn't M$. Thank God you don't work for Sony. I seriously hope Bend comes up with a sequel after this diamond rough.

jer1122953d ago

It's because the characters are male and not a main female character. A white male at that. Literally the worst thing in the world right now. Any games I have a female lead character get super high reviews. Strong female character. Look at Gamespot review it said bikes and boys it's like come on really.

rainslacker952d ago


Not being worth the hype isn't justification for lowering review scores.

S2Killinit952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

personally I think its because every once in a while the gaming media needs to bash on something, so they wait for the moment when they think others will be writing clickbait reviews so they can also write something clickbait without being found out. Its like a snowball effect.

and I'm pretty sure this only happens with games that don't allocate funds for advertising on the review sites. They are essentially saying to the gaming companies "look how effectively I can affect your game sales, next time include our site when deciding to advertise your games".

ILostMyMind952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

You contradict yourself. You talk about hype and then you say people were not excited about the game from the beginning. So then you say that Sony should cancel the game by forseen that it would not be a big hit. Apparently you would like 90% of all games to be canceled. Including 100% of XBO games.

Phil Spencer was indeed right, "cancellations are better for gamers."

Larrysweet952d ago

Its insane it aint no diff then ac orgins or odyssey really and they praised those repetive games...idk idc seems be selling well and i highly enjoy it and pray sequel comes using decima engine

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Anthotis953d ago

Games journalists are the only parody here.

mrmikew2018953d ago

Game journalism has been a joke for the past decade.

Just bunch of egotistical nerds that try their hardest to push their opinion off as fact.

GameStallion952d ago

Srsly amazing + accurate burn.

uth11953d ago

It's this games version of
'Sekiro needs accessible mode'. They all pile on with ridiculous arguments for clicks

DaDrunkenJester952d ago

The difference is people still rated Sekiro highly.

Kornholic952d ago

It's becoming more clear every day that the Days Gone I am playing currently is apparently a drastically different version of the game most of the reviewers played. The outright hatred for this game is unfathomable.

P_Bomb952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

[Quote]Taking on zombie hordes is fun, and an opportunity for Days Gone to differentiate itself, but I only fought two of them of the course of the entire game.[/Quote]

But there *are* 40. You liked what you saw, but made no effort to VS more than 2? Seems counterintuitive. If I like something, I seek it out again.

In a bit of a twist it sounds like you did find your differentiator to AC/TLOU/FC. Your x ingredient, the hook, but chose to ignore it, instead writing about the word ’freaker’. A boring complaint in and of itself. TWD has been calling zombies ‘walkers’ and ‘roamers’ for a decade+ .

I just beat my first horde and I’m still early enough to be popping tutorials. They aren’t RNG. At this rate I don’t see how I could end up with only 2/40 encounters after 40hrs unless I was actively avoiding them. *cough*

NarutoFox952d ago

I'm still scratching my head on how IGN gave this game a 6.5 🤔

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CP_Company953d ago

I agree, your article is a big parody.

952d ago
mrmikew2018953d ago

I never played any game before that had these many hordes of zombies.

Is there another game out there like this or am I missing something?

Fluttershy77953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Not zombies! They are freakers! They drink water and make nests with their own sht

sprinterboy953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

The game "does exactly what it said on the tin"
I don't get what gamers expected, we've seen enough trailers to no it was gonna be a story about the wife, fixing the bike and upgrading the bike as you progress through the story and meet different characters along the way.
I seriously worry about the intelligence of the human species. If you didn't like what ive just mentioned what we got from the trailers and devs running upto the release of the game then the game was never going to be for you in the first place.

PhantomS42953d ago

Found the Studio Bend employee. You can call zombies Freakers but they are still zombies at the end of the day.

Kornholic952d ago

Zombies are undead. A zombie is a reanimated human corpse. Freakers are not undead, therefore freakers are not zombies. It's not that hard.

aconnellan952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Quick question from someone who hasn’t played the game.

Aside from nests (which you could argue zombies have as well), are those points of difference represented in the game?

The videos I’ve seen so far show them as basically zombies (shambling around, decaying skin, animalistic, etc), but I’ve heard that “they’re not zombies, they’re dreamers” line parroted for a few months, and it just comes across as marketing speak to try and create a point of difference.

I could be wrong because I haven’t played it and I’ve only watched review gameplay. But does the gameplay itself differentiate them from zombies?

Kornholic952d ago

aconellan it's not marketing speak, it's a technicality. You can't call it a zombie if it's not undead. For example, the infected from 28 Days Later were not zombies since they did not die and resurrect as the undead and they could die out of starvation.

"The videos I’ve seen so far show them as basically zombies (shambling around, decaying skin, animalistic, etc)"

The only correct part of that statement is that they are animalistic. They are not shambling around and do not have decaying skin.

EazyC952d ago

That sounds like my first year at college

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Kribwalker953d ago

dead rising 3 had hundreds of zombies at once. One of my favourite things to do in that one was build a steamroller motorcycle and plow through them all lol

IRetrouk953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Dead rising 3 had hundreds of zombies around you but only a couple attack at once, the rest just kinda lull about untill you get closer to them, days gone freakers attack as a group, they also migrate across the map, and repopulate their group if you dont take them all out, something dead rising doesn't feature, but if you like state of decay 2 and dead rising 3 then I dont see how days gone wouldn't excite you, it's better than both in almost every way...

gangsta_red953d ago

World War Z just released with words of zombies

IamTylerDurden1952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

It's the only game with similar hordes, it literally just released.

It's odd that some are saying "we've played this game before, but better". Where? What game has horde gameplay like this combined with a legitimate sp story, open world, resource management, rich motorcycle gameplay/management, A1 graphics and tech, dynamic weather of this magnitude, 3D audio, satisfying stealth, zombie animals? What game is even similar other than a couple aspects?

L4D is a story-less co op game

Dead Island doesn't have the survival aspect, hordes, resource management, or similar tone. The story in Dead Island and Dying Light is also very weak.

Dead Rising is a jokey sandbox with poor graphics and generic tech. High zombie numbers are featured but you can basically walk through hundreds of them and they barely react. Talk about AI, the zombies in Dead Rising are on thorazine. They are meandering figures that only react when directly near them. They story in Dead Rising means nothing because the tone is so bombastic and stupid. Like Saints Row 4. It's a cartoon game.

State of Decay has virtually no story. It's a budget game with poor graphics and tech, no hordes, and an emphasis on co op. It doesn't have top notch voice work, character development, or the same mix as Days Gone. It has resource management and survival, but it's a totally different style of game.

gangsta_red952d ago

"It's odd that some are saying "we've played this game before, but better". Where?"

Throw a rock at an open world game by the sound of it.

Seriously though, why do you feel the need to tear down those games you're mentioning in order to prop this one up with marketing speech?

Your opinions on those games are not as credibile than the ones saying the same about Day's Gone.

UltraNova952d ago

Even you, yes you, know that everything Iamtyler said its true.

gangsta_red952d ago

No, every thing he said is not true, it's his opinion.

UltraNova952d ago

Then present your counterarguments as to why L4D, DI, SoD and DR are better than DG and why they were not viceraly attacked as the latter did.

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thepetedog953d ago

for a website that claims to hate this game, they sure are writing a lot about it

robtion953d ago

I am amazed by all of the negativity being piled on this game. Days Gone is REALLY good. Something weird is going on because a game that looks this good and is this fun should not be getting such a bashing.

952d ago
rainslacker952d ago

There's actually more positivity floating around, it just doesn't get as much attention, because it doesn't fuel one's biased preconception of the game. By preconception, I obviously mean, "hope that it sucks so we can defame Sony in some way".

Those who are most active saying the game is terrible, are also the ones who admittedly haven't played it. It's one thing to call out positive or negative reviews for what is apparently innacurate, it's quite another to agree with them because you want to validate your own bias.

But, as it is, I say let the haters be. Let them dig their own hypocritical grave, because the next MS piece of trash that rolls out, where they try to defend low review scores, we can now easily find examples of where they only focus on the negative reviews, and ask why they aren't doing the same thing.


I'm loving the shit out of it and I see others are too. I'm so glad most can see thru the bullshit reviews and are giving this game a well deserved chance.

Sitdown952d ago

Because if you hate something, it means you can't have a lot to say about it? Regardless of how one feels about the game, your statement is so illogical in general.

bluefox755953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I truly don't understand the hate with this game. It's not perfect, it's a little rough around the edges, and has a few oddities, but it's a lot of fun, and I'm quite enjoying the story. Certainly better than the gaming media would have you believe.

Dreamcatcher45953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Because there is zero continuity between these so called gaming "journalists". Game A and game B can be exactly the same, but will somehow get different results.

Gears 4 plays EXACTLY as The Order 1886 (I know, couse I have them both) and not only that, Gears 4 plays ECACTLY like Gears 1. It has literally been close to zero gameplay evolution between three games. Yet one scores 9 and 10's and the other 6's and 7's. That can't be taken seriously imo.

chiefJohn117953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Your argument fell dead when you compared the order to Gears. 0 creditability after that.

IRetrouk953d ago

I understand your point but the order really was just an ok game, they do play kinda the same but gears is a quality game, the last one was defo not as good as the original trilogy but it was a better more fleshed out game than the order. As for days gone, I dont let reviews choose my games, never have, it's a quality game and much better than what a metacritic score will tell you. Go buy it people. Gruff biker for tha win!! Lol

Dreamcatcher45953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Kinda the same? Both are cover based shooters in tight corridores. Both is killing off a wave of enemies then proceed to the next cover. Gameplay wise they play identically. Order is actually more varied because it has some stealth segments.

CorndogBurglar953d ago (Edited 953d ago )


Your argument isn't wrong, but The Order and Gears are way different. Yes, they are both cover-based shooters. But if you honestly can't see that The Order is highly inferior to Gears then Indon't know how seriously anyone should take you.

The Order was extremely short, had terrible AI, no bosses except for the one mid-game boss that was then repeated as the end boss, had nothing to do in it's beautiful world except walk to the next area with enemies (no collectibles or anything), and a lack of weapons.

Gears is far superior and it's very obvious to see.

Obelisk92952d ago

There are two big differences between Gears and The Order: Multiplayer and Longevity.

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