5 relaxing games to play after you have had a complicated day

Stress governs most of our days, and busy is our permanent status. Here are 5 relaxing games to play after a complicated day!

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gums007947d ago

I've always found Minecraft to be a very calming experience

r3f1cul946d ago

same, the music alone is very soothing! not to mention the fact that you can just throw it on peaceful and creative and make things until your heart is content ...

hentaicollector946d ago

Don't forget Euro (or American) Truck Simulator!

r3f1cul946d ago

really wish gris would come to xbox or ps already ... im a sucker for artsy games lol

Rhaegar077946d ago

Same! Gotta love em artsy indies!

optimus946d ago

i agree about Abzu, although it's easy to get lost within the game as there isn't a lot of direction on what to do or where to go.

Cmoney007946d ago

I would put Stardew Valley in the top five.

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