World War Z sells 'way above expectations' on PC thanks to Epic Store exclusivity, dev says

Game sold more than 250,000 Epic Games Store copies, accounting for more than a quarter of total sales.

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TekoIie956d ago

"Karch added: “On the PC specifically, we are performing way above expectations thanks to the support we have received from the Epic Games Store." He did not expand on how exactly the Epic Store had helped the game exceed expectations."


955d ago
fsfsxii955d ago

EGS is not a software dumpster house, so actual good games will be very noticeable instead of fighting for visibility among hentai games like on steam lol
Steaming dumpster more like

Wolffenblitz955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

"Actual good games"

Seafort955d ago

Epic Store doesn't have that many games on their store so all games will be noticed. World War Z should be selling over a million copies as it has such a high visibility on Epic Store, right? Wrong!

You sell on a new and seriously underdeveloped store and you get low sales. The only reason World War Z and many other games are on Epic Store in the first place and no where else is because Epic had to bribe them with an exclusivity contract of a couple of million dollars and guarantee them a revenue if they didn't sell that well.

2pacalypsenow956d ago (Edited 956d ago )

They don’t really think pc gamers will believe this crap right?

I mean do they really think people will believe it wouldn't have sold as well or even better if it also released on Steam?

Sounds like it’s just money talking..

Pandamobile955d ago

It's not really hard to understand why games have sold above expectation on EGS vs. Steam. Steam has 1000x more competition for store space. Even if EGS has half the userbase that Steam does, when there's a fraction of the available content on the store, it's a lot easier to get featured and pushed to consumers.

bluefox755955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

It may be true, if they had some sort of marketing deal. Even bad games sell good with financial backing. The game may very well have went under the radar without Epic. I'm not a fan of having a bunch of launchers to play different games, but that doesn't mean that a particular launcher can't or won't back a game and push it's sales. Although admittedly, I'm not privy to the details, so this may be hogwash.

Kosic955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

It could be they got more out the share cut so selling lesser numbers still racked in a good amount of profit. It would've been more if they were on multiple stores as some people may have skipped the game due to not being on their favourite client (that's a slim maybe).

But being the "in thing" and being an exclusive to one store. I do see a spike of new accounts and purchases.

Example steam takes 30%
Epic takes 12%
£30 game
Steam £9 take
Epic £3.30 (£6.70 difference)
Epic have to sell 2 and a half games to make the same profit as steam. Which in turns gives the developer around £16.75 in additional profit.

Wolffenblitz955d ago

Can't say it's the "in thing" if EGS and Publishers that go exclusive are getting hate from consumers.

The people buying this shit are the people that don't read gaming news articles and use their mums credit card.

Christopher955d ago

***The people buying this shit are the people that don't read gaming news articles and use their mums credit card.***

They don't agree with me so they must just be children defense. If this site has taught me anything, it's that who you think are kids are oftentimes adults with real jobs, family, and more, and don't care about things the way many others do. Most of them don't even care about the console or store wars, just about the best way to play their hobby.

Christopher955d ago

It's likely because Epic actually marketed the game unlike on Steam where it would have had no marketing aid unless they paid for it. So, they got free marketing and get more money per game sale on top of that.

It's not like the game itself was going to set the world on fire, but it might do well enough for them to add more DLC or even make a sequel down the road.

Kosic955d ago

@wolffenblitz the "in thing" was targeting the game. Not the process of how it's being sold.

Al_Simmons955d ago

Due to your username and picture. I am going to thumbs up every comment that you make. And yes, the money is talking.

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Blu3_Berry956d ago

If it was on Steam I think it would've sold even more.

Thundercat77955d ago

Yes but they wouldn't be receiving the same profits. Epic give a higher percent to the devs.

RpgSama955d ago

Plus whatever they got for the exclusivity deal on top of that, I'm not defending their decision, but money was definitely a big factor for them

GameBoyColor955d ago

The devs were already paid. Its the publisher that gets that money

Wolffenblitz955d ago

People that keep saying shit like this are getting annoying.

The devs didn't see shit.

meep316955d ago

I bet a lot of that comes from the free press an epic store exclusive gets.

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