GamePro: Gears of War 2 Review

The good news is that Gears of War 2 significantly improves upon the original game in every possible way, addressing several key shortcomings that kept its predecessor from being a bona-fide classic. Gears of War 2 is a terrific action game that deservedly resides in the upper echelon of console shooters, and is the best shooter to hit the Xbox 360 so far this year. Action gamers, you've found your next obsession.

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Lifendz4026d ago

I'm a PS3 owner and I love my PS3 but I have to admit that the screenshots for Gears 2 are just phenomenal. The game looks great and I'm sure it's going to do well.

Direct comparisions to R2 are going to come and I'm sure we'll all agree that they're good games but R2 is not on the same visual level as Gears 2.

Killzone 2, however, is going to be a much better opponent against Gears 2 in the graphics category.

ape0074026d ago

dom is one of favorite vg characters ever

"marcus take cover,TAKE COVER"

"oh yeah"

solidsnakus4026d ago

yea cole was really awesome with his punch lines in the MP.
its the cole train baby!!wooowoooooo!!!!

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Cheeky Gamer4026d ago

Another 100% review? Very impressive.

Will this make Gears of War 2 go up a mark to 96/100?

Pennywise4026d ago

I see a 9.2 right below your perfect score.

chasuk084026d ago

Unfortuantly even though n4g shows a better average for Resistance, according to metacritic it is 6 points ahead. To me this just proves that metacritic only selects sites that seem to be biased. If they included more sites then the average would even out. But anyway resistance has 8 reviews on metacritic, and gears has 20. So this doesnt really prove anything yet.

Panthers4026d ago

Metacritic is biased. This is obvious because of how LBP was handeled. Go to the forums on there and read about it. Ever single score below a 10/10 is put on LBP score, but there are tons of 10/10 scores not on there. And the sites giving them 10/10 are way better than Variety LOL.

solidsnakus4026d ago

n4g review scale is complete BS. all the dumbass fanboys enter in really low scores from blogs wanting free hits and what not.

tatotiburon4026d ago

and now metacritic is biased LOL!...N4G avg reviews proves nothing!!, here in N4G we can find even blog reviews, wtf?? who gives a sh** about blog reviews??

RememberThe3574026d ago

This is f*cking pathetic. You are seriously arguing over 5 points... If you are interested in Resistance 2 then pick it up and give it a try, if you interested in Gears of War 2 pick that up and give it a try. Me? I'll be picking them both up because from what I've seen the both seem like they're going to be great.

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pp4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Another perfect score keep them coming more the merrier. Just another nail in resistance 2 coffin.

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NaiNaiNai4026d ago

Fable 2 is AAA....just so you know fanboy.

4026d ago
darx4026d ago

but neither was the PS 3's.

Yoma4026d ago

its not fcking worth 10/10 damn fanboy reviewrs

NaiNaiNai4026d ago

thats odd, it was sitting at 90, for like the past 6 days, looks like some biased site got to it. >.> and i see some site gave it 75. if anysite gives a game like fable II a 75 its one of 2 things, 1. a sony supporter. 2. a FPS fanboy site.

4026d ago
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