Former devs speak out about 'severe crunch' at Mortal Kombat studio

"Another former employee, who also requested anonymity, said they and a workmate filed a formal complaint about NetherRealm Studios with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
"We brought up the harassment, the bathroom issue, the secret nicknames that the devs had for all the female employees, the lack of women who actually had full-time jobs, the singling-out that we experienced, etc etc. It took a year for the EEOC to decide that apparently nothing bad had happened and on top of it all NRS insulted my coworker and me, telling us we were misremembering everything and taking personal jabs at our skills," they told us." An former Netherealm employee says.

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Metalfury83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

well japanese developers do the same with their workers so it isn't unfair.

Kaze8883d ago

developers? almost every company does that in Japan, no matter on what field you work. Tho the bosses are on the workplace long too, nobody leaves until they do.

gamer780483d ago

so the number of people/companies doing something determines whether something is good or bad?

That said I've had friends in the gamin industry, they made a couple of games and then got out because they wanted to start a family. They are now doing even better off because of the skills they learned making video games they were able to negotiate higher salaries. Now working half the hours plus a pay increase, they make nearly double what they did in the games industry and now have more free time for their family and friends.

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Mr Marvel83d ago

Toughen up. No one likes a sook.

Tankbusta4083d ago

I mean, nobody is forcing these people to do this. For 12 dollars an hour I might find another profession.