GameZone: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Review

There's a lot to like about SOCOM: Confrontation for the PlayStation 3 but there is a lot more to hate about it as well. Like most SOCOM fans, we patiently waited for patches to make the game playable but so far all we are left with is a game that feels incomplete despite its engrossing action. Oh, but when Confrontation works it really shines brightly. Sadly enough, it just doesn't work as often as it should if at all on some days. The bundle comes with the official Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 but other than the excellent headset there is very little reason to buy this game now.

Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Difficulty Med/Hard
Concept 6.5
Multiplayer 7
Overall 6.5

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mugoldeneagle034030d ago


Makes me wonder why I even bothered reading

James Vanderbeek4030d ago

I put in a good 4 hours last night.. No problems and all FUN.. Im new to socom too and love it..

A lot of people play this game around the world too.. All the channels were full

arakouftaian4030d ago

The firt day this game deserved 8.9 or 9s( because if few lil w/e isues) the days after deserved this low scores but know deserve like 8s or 8.5s is fair but once they fix it I will deserve over 9 of scores. A must buy is verry adicting n fun.

mugoldeneagle034030d ago

Journalist should be fair and update their scores, much like 1UP did.

I'm an avid 1UP reader but never cared much for their reviews, but the fact tha they updated their review and gave Confrontation a full letter grade higher (C+ to B+) gained some respect.

Socom Confrontation will be forever underlooked with all of the AAA titles, but suffice to say there will ALWAYS be people on. Guaranteed.

Go on Socom 2 right now. Guaranteed 1500 people on. All because of exhilerating gameplay.

PLAYWATCH4030d ago

I love it. I don't care what anyone says about it. I have played all the shooters out there and I choose SOCOM over most of them, if not all. The server issues this review talks about is totally EXAGGERATED as I have experienced very little server issues in the past a little less than 2 weeks. My complaint is the features that haven't been patched yet like the Party System, Trophies, and etc.


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