Game Installs Making 40GB PS3 Obsolete

Loot Ninja writes:

"It has been 7 months since I purchased my 40 GB PS3. It was made possible by a nice federal tax return; it pays to be a homeowner. Anyway, I could not be happier with the machine. Its Bluray functionality is worth the $400 bucks alone and it has been a rock since day one. Its Xbox 360 brother had to be sent "home" twice since I got it at launch. Nevertheless, my 40 GB hard drive is full. Already. Again, I am not bashing the PS3 at all, I am just wondering how I could have a full hard drive, that is TWICE the size of the Xbox 360, and I have had the console for just over a half of a year as opposed to 3 full years."

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PirateThom4026d ago

Game Data -> Triangle -> Delete

Fair enough, the installs are a pain as it is, but it's not like there isn't a way around them...

drunkpandas4026d ago

Like the article says, it takes 3 seconds to delete a 5gb install, but another 25 minutes to reinstall it when you want to play again. Not a valid option to solve a problem

Nineball21124026d ago

PS3 owners can buy a whole lot of space with a rather inexpensive new hard drive if they want to do so.

Or, they can just free up space by deleting things they no longer need on their current hard drive.

They have, what is that MS likes to tout?... oh yeah! Options!!

Kleptic4026d ago

that 100% is a valid option...a 40gb PS3 has roughly 36gb of free space with nothing on it (after OS installation and dead plate for formatting)...the average right now is roughly 3gbs overall for mandatory installs (which isn't even 20% of the total PS3 library) that is roughly 10 games you can have installed on your PS3 at any given time, leaving several gigs for trailers, demos, and game saves...

I would love to see one serious person claim to have 10 games installed onto their PS3, and that they play them on a regular basis...and where is this guy getting 25 minutes for a 5gb install?...i'd love to see proof of that...the biggest install I had to go through so far was Far Cry 2 I believe, and it was like 8 minutes...MGS4 has a mandatory 3.5gb install also, and it has a timer right on it that starts at like 5 minutes 30 seconds...

have any of you ever played a PC game?...whats the big deal?...these installs allow developers to do things with the PS3 that they otherwise couldn't...I know I know...the 360 doesn't require them because it has an insanely high speed DVD pick your poison...sit through one of these every once in a while for the PS3...or listen to the blast furnace that is the 360 while it constantly searches the the end...its irrelevant...

fiercescuba4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

@ Kleptic

devil may cry 4 install takes exactly 21 minutes. This was confirmed by Capcom.

time it/google it, whatever you want to do. again, if I am pro PS3, why would I make this up?

thereapersson4026d ago

That is the only exception, and everyone knows that Capcom dropped the ball on optimizing that installation time.

chaosatom4026d ago

It's not sony, it's the developers.

They need to learn things from other developers.

Fox014026d ago

Geez, why does every article have to turn into a fanboy war?
Mandatory installs suck, just admit it. It doesn't mean the PS3 is crap, it's just that, most of the developers are choosing the easy path, and if you guys don't complain about it, they'll keep doing it.

FantasyStar4026d ago

Yes! Someone gets it! Don't support mandatory installs!

Support installs that help improve stability and shorten load times!

INehalemEXI4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Game Installs Making 40GB PS3 Obsolete , should of picked a better title I can't take the article seriously...

How is something going to become obsolete when all you got to do is spend around 60 bucks to get a 320 GB HDD ....hmmm yah problem solved.

We know mandatory installs suck this is nothing we have not heard 100x before.
Ive known since my purchase I would one day need to swap HDD's because one day I would be playing some MMO's on PS3 and those can take up 20GB alone these days.

Seriously like its some mistery your 40GB is full when your downloading full games like Siren etc. Get a clue and upgrade your HDD before downloading such large files.....I have no sympathy for you.

deeznuts4026d ago

Sony gave us the hard drive. Now, do we know if installs are mandatory? no. Uncharted was done without an install. That means developers are taking shortcuts.

To the author/loot ninja. Delete the install. That's it. Oh noes it takes 20 minutes the next time you want to play the game. how about this. When you get that little tingle (not THAT little tingle and I do mean little) to play a game that you deleted, go ahead and pop it in for an install about 20 minutes before you plan to play. It should be ready when you are.

I have an original 20gb and have NOT had to replace the HDD yet. I've had the urge, because laptop HDDs are so damn cheap, but haven't yet. They just had a 500GB hard drive for $120 last week. It's back up to $140, but tell me what does MS offer for $100?

hay4026d ago

@fiercescuba: mine took 19 minutes.

I have 40gb PS3 and sometimes I find it a bit too small but with a little problem solving I always end with required space for installs, downloads and stuff. 20 minutes doesn't bother me at all since in work there are people who sometimes waste 2 days of my hard work.
And again, PS3 owners have the option of buying any SATA 2.5" HDD and plug it into system instead of old hdd. And those aren't expensive now. 250GB hard drive is affordable without much sweat, costs like... New PS3 game AT MOST. I think 320gb are a bit closer to cost like game. But anyways, that's not a problem at all. If you don't whine at changing parts in your PC don't whine at upgrading HDD cause it's the only thing you may need to change for a long time.

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Hellsvacancy4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

"I had to delete the following just to install the new Socom patch because I had reached my limit - Siren Blood Curse, The Bourne Conspiracy and Elefunk"

I may b wrong but this article seems like another attempt to bash the Ps3

drunkpandas4026d ago

Socom patch is 550mb. With a 40gb hard drive, it's not hard to completely fill it up, especially with most games needing 5gb installs.

thereapersson4026d ago

No big loss there w/ the Bourne Conspiracy game...

SL1M DADDY4026d ago

I have yet to see an install bigger than 5gb giving an end user about as much space needed for an estimated 5 to 6 game installs. When is anybody in their right mind playing nearly 6 games at one time? Sorry, but as inconvenient as it may be, deleting a couple of those game installs is a better option for some than buying another HDD. I for one am all for the new HDD and have a 250gb one in my PS3 right now but heck, there is a work around in the mix and to say that one is forced to buying another HDD is silly.

Darkseider4026d ago

Alrighty people. Let's see where this is wrong.

From the article:

"MLB The Show 2008, MGS4, DMC4, Bioshock, Socom: Confrontation (Disc Version), Soul Caliber 4, Pixeljunk: Eden, Warhawk (Disc Version). That’s it."

MLB The Show 2008 ?
MGS4 4.6 gig
DMC4 5 gig
Bioshock ?
Socom 3.5 gig
Soul Caliber 4 ?
Pixeljunk: Eden ?
Warhawk w/ expansions 2.0 gig'sih?

So that's 15.1 gig so far that I know of. Even if Bioshock, MLB and Soul Caliber were 5 gig each that would still be 30-31 gig in total. So someone somewhere is doing some bad math. Oooh and before ya say anything yes I know out of the 40gig ony 37 is actually usable that is still 6-7 gig left available after everything he listed.

fiercescuba4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Dude, why would I make this up? I have enough space now, but I deleted Bourne and Siren... as stated in the article.

Siren: Blood Curse was 9 GB and Bourne was just over 5 GB.
That being said:

MLB The Show 2008 1.055 gb
MGS4 4.558 gig
DMC4 5 gig
Bioshock 4.775 gig
Socom 2.737 gig
Soul Caliber 4 6.7 gig
Pixeljunk: Eden less than 2 gig
Warhawk w/ expansions 2.0 gig'sih? --- about that
Bourne Conspiracy 5 gig
Siren: Blood Curse: 9 gig

Math time: = about 42-43 gig give or take..... 42 > 40.

Also... I LOVE THE PS3...why would I bash it?? I'm just pointing out an technical issue.

Instead of "Doing Math"...maybe we "Can read the whole article before jumping to conclusions"

Darkseider4026d ago

I simply quoted your article

"MLB The Show 2008, MGS4, DMC4, Bioshock, Socom: Confrontation (Disc Version), Soul Caliber 4, Pixeljunk: Eden, Warhawk (Disc Version). That’s it."

Then you mention you had to delete Siren, Bourne and Elefunk. So you had a bit more installed so it was a bit misleading when I first read through it. In any case I do agree to a point where the large mandatory installs are becoming a bit ridiculous. Granted for a download only game like Siren or SOCOM you have no choice. Other games though requiring the 5 gig is a bit ridiculous. Especially when looking at LBP which only requires what 500-600 meg?

fiercescuba4026d ago

@ Darkseider:

"Let's see where this is wrong" at the beginning of a comment, is not misleading at all. You were trying to call me out, which is fine. I have no problem showing you that I am not lying. The article however, is not misleading. It plainly states that I had less than the 550 mb left needed for the Socom patch. Surprised I checked my system info to see I was full.

I do appreciate the criticism and again have no qualms about discussing these things, but maybe a little less smug, you know? Came off a little catty my friend.

greyishfox4026d ago

I think you are going to get a lot of people who won't read the full article but will be happy to comment regardless.
I agree, requiring installs for PC, not for consoles. Hard Drives should be for downloadable content, music, and movies.

thereapersson4026d ago

Most people are going to download the episodes from the PSN. When you download something from the store, you usually have to install it, if it's a program. It's the same on the 360, just the 360 has auto-install, whereas the PS3 requires another confirmation.

Yes, SIREN takes up a lot of room, but there really isn't much of a choice otherwise.

Max Power4026d ago

you only have to confirm an installation of a download if it was performed in the background, unless it was a new feature of the 2.5 firmware update that if you download it with out the background it'll install it while downloading.

lokiroo4204026d ago

So your so concerned about your 40 gigs so much as to call it obsolete, yet you purchase and downloaded a 9 gb game? Put that on the box and see how obsolete 20 is. Why didnt you put a 9 gig install on the box? Because its 20 gigs total. I bought a 40 gig when I had other options and now I want to complain. You sound like a spoiled brat.

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SeanScythe4026d ago

Oh no my hard drive is full, maybe you should remove some data for games you don't play that often. Atleast you have a HDD think of all the 360 owners that don't. Just like when you order that bigmac and you can't eat it all because you are full. You think of all the starving people in the world so you go to the bathroom and make more room then come back and finish that burger.

Mikelarry4026d ago

to upgrade my 40gb hdd to a 160gb. i thought 40gb was enough for game installs and videos boy was i wrong