20 Million PC Gamers to Switch to Consoles by 2022, as per Jon Peddie Research

According to the analyst, more and more PC gamers will probably shift to consoles because of increasing GPU prices and the inclusion of features like 4K resolution and ray tracing in the next-generation of consoles

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro996d ago

And how many console gamers will switch to PC? 40 million?

Jin_Sakai994d ago

Consoles are plug and play, cheap, and offer great games/exclusives with ease of access. Consoles are more appealing to the mass market.

Vegamyster994d ago

His comment seemed sarcastic.

Console do appeal more to the mass market but that doesn't mean PC gamers are just going to go over to consoles because of 4k or Ray tracing, a feature that PC gamers have mocked for being too big of a performance hog or unnecessary. Sony said they developed the PS4 Pro to compete for the PC Audience and nothing changed, despite what certain people think PC isn't just about raw power, a lot of people do it for the freedom, ability to play certain genres or games that play best on the platform (RTS, Moba's, Counter Strike ect), performance options (30 vs 60 vs 120+ fps), mods, full backwards compatibility ect.

meep316994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

What does that have to do with people already on pc switching to console? Consoles are actually becoming less appealing to many folks since they are becoming redundant for someone who just wants to play something like fortnite or roblox. The real elephant in the room is mobile, it’s eating away at both pc and console.

Teflon02994d ago

To be honest, I switched to my main being PC. Yes it's alot more work but it's also so much more beneficial and alot of ppl I know would switch to PC if they can afford it. I don't know a single pc person faltering. They sometimes buy consoles for specifics. But it's PC mainly and it wouldn't switch. I love physical games. But as long as I can keep buying with Steam, I'm good with only getting non PC releases like Ninty and Sony releases on the systems and PC for everything else but the few titles I wanna own physical lol

Ceaser9857361994d ago

Next Generation consoles will be doing native 4K 60 frames and the majority of PC Gamers still won't be gaming with those specs. The reason consoles have locked Hardware is that so anyone can pick one up and use it without having to worry about filing through settings. Not to mention all games are optimized on consoles

Ceaser9857361994d ago

The value of an upgrade is determined by the kind of returns you get from it. Right now PC's are quite honestly not giving a large enough return over console for some gamers to continue sticking with the platform. Sure you can reduce load times, boost frame rate, increase resolution, etc. But that doesn't necessarily make the game look better. May in some cases make it feel better, but is it quantifiable to the subject that it makes it worth the money. Many gamers are on a budget, a lot of the time you have to spend more than a console to get that boost in performance. Right now paying the cost of a new PS4 or XB1 at launch is the only way to get that performance.

As we get closer to a performance plateau and the first parties develop next gen hardware, the advantages to PC gaming will slip away again. It'll be anyone's guess just how fast RT grows and develops over the lifetime of that hardware. The storage speed advantage is going to start to fall away, especially with next gen considering technologies that even a lot of PC gamers do not use SSD (not saying none of them do. I'm sure there are many like myself who use NVME or M.2).

judging by the actions sony and MS are taking we may see a repeat of the PS3 and X360 where it was hard for PCs to keep up, particularly on the mid range.

Don't get me wrong there is still going to be a place for PC gaming next gen, but there may come a time where the need to upgrade hits a limit of diminishing returns.

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gangsta_red994d ago

I already know a few folks who went full on PC gaming and never looked back.

It definitely opens up a whole other world.

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FlyingFoxy996d ago

This is not accounting certain things, like:

- SSD and RAM pricing is really good at the moment. Can get an MX500 500GB for £50, 16GB of 3200mhz DDR4 for under £80.

- Zen 2 CPUs are rumoured to be really good and coming in the next 1-2 months, should bring Intel perf at much lower prices and higher core count.

- Intel are entering the GPU space next year, this might bring healthy competition as then we'll have 3 players making GPUs.

- I can't get high hz 1440p on consoles. Yet.

ElementX996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Xbox One X and S do 1440p with 120hz supported and free-sync although games are generally locked at 30 or 60fps


gums007994d ago

lmao locked 30 and 60 fps


NapalmSanctuary994d ago

The problem here is that if you're used to 60+ fps, its hard to go lower. PC players tend to dig their high and smooth frame rates, while generally not caring too much about resolutions higher than 1440p. Also, there is a wider variety of games and genres on PC. Thats why I gotta call bs on this article. If PC is your thing then console is a definite step down.

ElementX994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

I also think this article is bs. I am a PC gamer first and a console gamer second. I got a new PC about 2 months ago and I love it. I think more people are moving toward PC gaming. I merely stated that the X and S do support 1440p and 120hz, even backed it up with an article, and I still get over 20 disagrees. In fact, testing Shadow of the Tomb Raider two nights ago was the first time I've turned on my X in months.

Tech5994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

"20 Million PC Gamers to Switch to Consoles by 2022"

No making and deploying MODs, so no i will not be switching over....

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ElementX996d ago

BTW I don't have a 4k TV but I just hooked my X up to my monitor and played 10 minutes of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and holy sh!t, it's' gorgeous! I enabled 120hz and variable refresh. I have an Acer XF270HU IPS monitor for my PC and it works great with the X.

Jin_Sakai994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

“ I can't get high hz 1440p on consoles. Yet“

The average gamer don’t care. That’s the thing.

Gridknac994d ago

But pc fans do. This whole idea is just ignorant. Most gamers start out on a console before they could afford a pc. Then they move to pc to explore high end gaming. Secondly no console will ever have more power than a pc, yeah ps5 may have ray tracing and 4k, but it won't release til next year. PC has had RTX and 4k for a year already. So the ps5 is supposed to lure away pc gamers with features they have already seen for 2yrs? Yeah right. Besides, its the game streaming services like stadia,ps now, and MS cloud that will eventually kill out both pc and consoles.

MajorLazer994d ago


No, they don't. Something like 10% or even less have a powerful computer. Nearly all have mediocre computers. Most pc gamers just don't care about graphics like that. Otherwise, devs would have made dedicated games to take full advantage of the power on offer.

Profchaos994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

If rumours are to be believed these components will be included with next gen consoles. Regardless of your preference I think everyone wins as game fidelity will get pushed for everyone again

Also I just paid $200 AUD for 3200mhz ddr4 16 GB ram
And $180 Aus for a Evo 970 1tb

ElementX994d ago

What's with all of the disagrees?

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Destiny1080996d ago

That Nvidia tax is getting ridiculous

meep316994d ago

Intel is making some gpus, it’s going to get wild.

994d ago
meep316994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Their integrated gpus get the job done while not stopping them from beating amd easily in actual cpu performance. Anyway, I’m not sure where you are going with your straw man argument.

VariantAEC992d ago

I started gaming on PCs switched to consoles back in the early 90's...
That petty much cut PC gaming down to less than 10%.
In 2017 I purchased a new laptop capable of running pretty much all games at 1080p60 minimum with maxed out or high settings in over 80% of the games out even now (excluding RTX obviously, but sometimes including Game Works).

And let me tell you something...

It was a nightmare! PC has only become far more draconian than when I left it be back in the 90's!
You don't own anything and not everyone is cracking games so you really are relying on hackers to unlock your games DRM to really fully own your digital or disc based purchases.
Discs are pretty much dead on PCs. My laptop didn't have a disc drive either so you need a dongle that ends in a disc drive... Convenient, oh right... IT'S NOT!

Windows 10 updates are a disaster most of the time the last update borked my sound drivers making everything work like crap from OBS to just plug and play headphone usage. Yeah you couldn't even just expect the headphones to work right because of a ••••••• update! HOORAY!!!
I could go on endlessly about the updating processes and the fact that these are entirely inconvenient and the fact that I want control of what my PC is doing. It's a time killing slog figuring out what all the updates are supposed to do and a... Just oh so wonderful experience finding out what they broke!
Needless to say I kept my PC to capture great gameplay video, but I don't play many titles on it.

Casepb994d ago

Realistically it's adding, you wouldn't just throw your PC out the window.... It does many things a console never will. It would be stupid to not just keep it and have both.

Elwenil994d ago

Agreed. I don't know a single gamer who is over the age of 15 that has only a console or only a PC, or whatever. Everyone I know that games has a a PC, at least one console, and a phone. I don't agree with this idea that some people seem to push that gamers are strictly loyal to one platform or one device. Many people own multiple gaming devices and I don't think that is going to end. I think the opposite, I think more and more people are going to expand their gaming opportunities, not reduce them.

VariantAEC992d ago

What morons would toss their PCs just because gaming is •••• on the platform?

I have a decent gaming laptop runs FH4 maxed out 1440p60. Games like Crysis 3 still dip in 1080p.
GTX 1070
Core i7 7700
16gb @2.4Ghz DDR4
Two drives one SSD one 1TB HDD
Gaming on it would be a dream if all games ran with some semblance of equity given appearances, but thst doesn't happen. Games that look pretty simple and don't feature much complexity like Minecraft struggle at large chunk draw distances while more complex titles like FH4 run at a faultless 60FPS after the first one or two game updates.
Games like Tomb Raider 2013 also cause problems and their are plenty of issues in PC versions of the same games that cause major headaches.
Looking at TR2013 again I made it to the last part of the last level only to get hard locked in between two partly loaded portions of a stage with the manual save location visible but unreachable... That unfortunate bug forced me to restart the game from the very beginning! Thankfully I had already played it on PS3, PS4 and Shield TV before the PC version royally screwed me over.

Many more issues with PC gaming... It really is only worth it if you're totally anal about a bare minimum of 60hx performance and top tier graphics...
Sad part is top tier graphics are still on console. I always ask where are games equal to Driveclub visually on PC. They don't exist and for good reason they are very hard to make and extremely expensive!

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