Six Months Later, Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Still Haven't Found Gavin writes: When Red Dead Redemption 2 released last October, I spent three months playing it religiously. I spent dozens of hours hunting and letting my beard grow in the grizzlies. I played Poker with Mr. Pearson and Grimshaw more than I'd ever play with my real life friends. And I spent weeks straight exploring the game's world, interacting with its characters, and getting completely lost in its content in the process. During my three months with the game's single-player campaign, I also heard the screams of "GAVIN" when I closed my eyes late at night.

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sagapo956d ago

I came across an almost naked caveman once in the woods, maybe that’s Gavin?

Jin_Sakai956d ago

His friend Nigel could be crazy and Gavin just a myth.

P_Bomb955d ago

The fact he’s still looking for him 8 years later in the epilogue, definitely cray cray lol!

Maybe Gavin’s in RDR1 and we just forgot about him’s been 8 years!

CaptainFaisal956d ago

Wasn't gavin the kid under the gun shop?

Profchaos956d ago

Nope that was my first thought because I found Gavin's mate in the same town as the missing man in the basement 2+2 is 4 but apparently in rdr 2 Gavin = π and no one truely knows the answer

CaptainFaisal956d ago

Yeah , wouldn’t have understood without the math. Made it very clear 👌🏻

Rick1982956d ago

I created an account here just to inform you that Gavin is very real he lives in a tree house in the northern part of the map past van horn between the scientists lab and the lonely widow there’s a tree off to the side of the waterfall it stands out in the woods if you get closer a man with an English accent asks you to leave him alone that is Gavin I’m 99% sure of it check it out for yourself !

chiefJohn117956d ago

I don't remember any of this. This game is huge and filled with content. Discovering everything about it seem impossible.

Al_Simmons955d ago

6 months later and I just beat the d**n game lmao

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