Square Enix E3 2019 Press Conference: 5 Likely Announcements

Square Enix is primed to host an incredible E3 2019 conference.

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Kurisu1002d ago

Final Fantasy VII *has* to be there, surely.

CertifiedGamer1002d ago

I highly doubt it. I think that game might get pushed back to the PS5. PS4 is powerful but it is also already showing its age.

Antnee5341002d ago

I bet you they will only show mobile games. Though being serious the only thing i want to see from them is the bravley series being ported to switch and maybe the announcement of a third game in the series.

MoshA1002d ago

Sony is gonna win E3 without even attending Lol. And without garbage like Days Gone that should have been cancelled. More generic than Ubisoft games ffs xD. They should have stick to some unique genres.

vergilxx31002d ago

No one said that every Sony exclusive has to be successful, Sony had a great year with games like Spiderman anyway, they can afford to lose some money and see what works and what doesn't

MoshA1002d ago

Saw it coming all the way back in 2016. I hope they won't make the same mistakes. They have enough third person adventures and not enough of innovative games like Dreams

Asuka1002d ago

Please be excited 4Head

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