GiN Reviews: Rock Band 2

GiN writes: "Last year Rock Band was an instant hit. Taking all the best aspects of past music based games (Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, etc.) and combining them into one package was a recipe for success. But while there were a lot of things done right, there was one critical factor that was missing: the ability to play the main game mode, Band World Tour, online, requiring bands to get together in one location, something that could prove difficult for those who enjoy playing from various locations across the country.

Thankfully, Rock Band 2 fixes that issue. By implementing an online version of Band World Tour, it's now easier to allow online friends to get together and complete all their BWT requirements. While bands can have dedicated members, there is also the possibility to have another player sub in as a backup on their roster, a very smart move on Harmonix's part. The only catch with the new Tour based game modes is that the original Guitar Hero-like tier based modes are now gone, and while that might concern a couple Rock Band '1 purists, I feel that it helps differentiate Rock Band 2 from all the other titles on the market."

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