Critics give Blu-ray thumbs up

VB: Mainstream movie reviewers, including the legendary Roger Ebert, are starting to rally around Blu-ray Disc.

The format has long had support from tech fans, but up until now, it has not played a big factor in movie reviews. But the recent Blu-ray releases of the Godfather trilogy and world documentary Baraka have so inspired critics that many are telling readers that now is the time to purchase Blu-ray players.

That attention to detail had Ebert glowing in his Oct. 16 review that "Baraka by itself is sufficient reason to acquire a Blu-ray player." He describes various scenes giddily, such as "the indescribable beauty of the aborigines" and "the sad poetic beauty in slow motion of a chain of explosions for a strip mine."

The San Francisco Examiner took a shine to Baraka as well declaring, "Anyone who dug Discovery Channel's Planet Earth series, especially on Blu-ray, will totally fall in love with this flick."

Critics feel much the same way about Paramount Home Entertainment's Sept. 23 Godfather release, which features all three films.

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DevastationEve5255d ago

bluray is the present. sex is the future, get it right!

HighDefinition5255d ago

Only idiots and the most HARDCORE of 360 fans don`t.

aaron235255d ago

DARK KNIGHT blu ray will be the first nail in the coffin of DVD in USA

However in Japan Blu ray will kill DVD within 1 year

meepmoopmeep5255d ago

i think anyone that has an HDTV should be happy about Blu-ray.
what's the point in having an HDTV if you're not going to use it whenever you can.

Andras845255d ago

....said that blu-ray will fail!! [email protected] all of these dumb hypocrates!

FCC5255d ago

Blu-ray is amazing... if you have the money. Living with your girlfriend in an apartment leaves no space in a budget for Blu-ray movies.

Andras845255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

I live with my girlfriend in an apartmant and I have a [email protected] load of blu-ray movies.

EDIT: At below. Well I take my gf to great places too. While not places that will charge you say $200/ dinner we get around. You seam to think that my life revoles around blu-ray and I'm a no good low life who sitts at home all the time. Well this is how it just came down. Dude I just got a SONY camera for $1500...not expensive enough??? Well it is to me. Maybe we are not in the same league. But we do go the the movies every week, to the opera every now and then...always visit museums and travel the world. I just came back from Europe 3 weeks ago.

So please stop with this BS that you are all about. A Blu-ray movie is not much more expensive than a DVD. Take Iron Man as an example. $19.99 on DVD and $26.99 on blu-ray. I'll take blu-ray for the few extra bucks thank you very much.

Don't try to spin thinks just because you are cheap!

FCC5255d ago

That's you not me, I like taking my girl out to expensive places and she likes buying me expensive stuff, neither of us are that interested in the best picture quality. We're also spending hells amount of money on gas, we're not rocky or on cracked ice here, we have a nice sum of money but we're not going to blow that on a Blu-ray player and movies.

Sitdown5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

living with your girlfriend in an apartment mean there is money for bluray...since you can split the bills? Unless you are saying that you are a freeloader.

Edit: Well according to your post, you could have just choose not to.

FCC5255d ago

Correct Sitdown, I usually do not buy anything that's not standard or that's brand new. Good thing that's my mentality, HD DVD and buying a launch 360 or PS3 would have been a perfect example of how I saved my money. My girlfriend and I are waiting on Blu-ray to be not as big as walletrape as it is now just to view movies.

Going to my friends house to watch Blu-ray movies achieves as much as owning it myself. :P

Narutone665254d ago

ones who would buy a rewinder for their CD/DVD.

HighDefinition5254d ago

This thread took a funny turn.

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aaron235255d ago

Blu ray is the future

accept it cuz it is a fact

Whether u like it or not

aaron235255d ago

IRON MAN has crossed 1m mark on Blu ray

Incrdedible Hulk Blu ray captured 20% market share

Indiana Jones sold more on Blu Ray than DVD

TDK already has a million in preorders on Blu Ray

It is no3 on amazon US

ape0075255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

blu-ray ftw

one of the best overlooked features in blu-ray disks that it doesn't get scratched

I got resistance 1 since lunch and it's clean like new

edit: oppps an epic spilling mistake,I will leave it like that without editing,you dudes cracked me up,bubbles for both of you :)

strotee5255d ago

How long ago was lunch? lol

Kidding, I knew you meant "launch".

HighDefinition5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

LOL. That`s tooooo funny.

But, yeah BLURAYs are awesome for scratch resistance, i`ve TRYED to scratch them, it hard you have to put ALOT of force into it.

Pennywise5255d ago

Did you eat your lunch on the bluray?

ape0075255d ago

yes I was so hungry

unfortunately,I tried to eat up bluray disks but they didn't break or scratch,I was so pissed,I hate sony,their disks cannot be eaten
tomorrow I'll eat gears of war and some GRAW

Pennywise5255d ago

lol. Better bring some hot sauce to cover the turd taste.

FCC5255d ago

It was nice clean fun until Pennywise ruined it with his last comment.

Pennywise5255d ago

No one asked you FCC. Get back to correcting grammar in other posts.

FCC5255d ago

I'm sorry if I offended you but...

"No one asked you Pennywise. Get back to trolling in other posts."

Nice and fixed.

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