PS Plus May 2019 Free Games Lineup Revealed For Asia and Japan

PS Plus May 2019 free games have been revealed for Asia and Japan. There is a good chance that the games shown here might be a part of the PS Plus lineup for North America and Europe as well.

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Araragifeels 1915d ago

Jesus Christ, I am hoping that MG: Survive is not part of the line up in NA. I would rather have any other AAA game than this garbage.

PapaBop1915d ago

"any other AAA game"

Lol calling that garbage an AAA game... aren't they Asian lineups usually different from the West anyway? I sure hope so, I don't want that crap.

1915d ago
Profchaos1914d ago

Yeah Asia is often different but not always.

They got Killzone shadowfall within the first year of the ps4s life and we are still waiting for that.

I can't say for sure but odds are we won't get MG survive as it's a game that was more desirable in Asia.

gamer78041913d ago

at first I saw the picture and thought sony switched back to 4 games, but it was just themes :(. I had just renewed my subscription then the next month they dropped over half the games. Didn't take long for MG Survive to his psplus and I'm not surprised, alot of MGS fans aren't supporting it.

Relientk771915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Yeah MG: Survive better be changed, don't want this crap, even if it's free.

rdgneoz31915d ago

Played the beta of it for 15 minutes. Was 15 minutes too long...

1915d ago
Knushwood Butt1915d ago

Ugh, I have a JP subscription.

Oh well, saves HDD space I guess.

N3mzor1915d ago

It's actually not AAA. Was priced $39.99 from the get-go.

People still have a bad taste in their mouth after all the fuckery on the Konami-Kojima relations but MG: Survive is still not bad to try out as a freebie. Mostly because it's an MGS GZ/Phantom Pain asset flip.

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FallenAngel19841915d ago

Metal Gear Survive? Oh hell nah!

It’d be one thing if PS4 offered 6 games a month like PS3 used to so if you get one dud you have a few other titles to look forward to. But when you only offer 2 games a month you better make sure neither of them are complete trash

Evolve1915d ago

Anything but a game from Konami. Especially this none-Metal Gear game.

1915d ago
Orionsangel1915d ago

Wait, not The Witness again. I got that free everywhere. They're giving it out like candy!

SamPao1915d ago

The Witness was ps plus in april or march, so that is only asia.

Orionsangel1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

It was free in the Epic Launcher store as well. Most likely it will be free soon for Xbox Gold members as well.

DARK_WOLF1915d ago

Was free for gold members ages ago