Blu-ray – Blowing Up or Bowing Out?

Shad Connelly writes: Last February, Blu-ray was crowned victor in the high-definition disc war. With HD-DVD out of the way, Sony and the other Blu manufacturers sat back and waited for the new format to catch fire. Instead, it went cold. Now, the moment of truth has arrived. With lower prices and advanced technology, it's make or break time for Blu-ray. So which will it be?

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PirateThom4034d ago

This is getting completely ridiculous.

At least wait until Christmas and then we'll see how things go.

Mr_Bun4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Blu-ray is dying...yeah, that is why it is already being adopted faster than DVD..that is why it has already killed the main competing format in under 2 years. I love the part in the article that says how people don't see a difference between upconverting DVD players and Blu-ray players...yeah, maybe on a Standard Def. TV! I can assure anyone with a HighDef TV, that the difference is HUGE!

These "doom and gloom" articles are really reaching!!!

etownone4034d ago

he's talking about the "crucial holiday season"

If Blu-Ray doesn't show a significant increase, especially with the lower prices of dedicated players and blockbusters like Batman coming out, then that's not a good sign.

Maybe people are just happy with upconverting DVD's? or just waiting for the inevitable digital downloads.

Mr_Bun4034d ago

He is talking about the blu-ray market is "going cold" and if things don't turn around drastically this holiday, Blu-ray will die. It is all BS!!!

Ju4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

The BD market seams to be so "bad" that recently Target significantly increased BDs shelf space, and reports indicate that Walmart will replace MusicCDs by BDs. Well, yeah, bad signs, indeed. For the competition.

Ah, and BTW. Funny thing is, upscaling DVD players actually preparing the market for BD players. These things are so obsolete these days. For people buying a new HD TV, the upscaler in these TVs is usually better then the one in the DVD players. So, technically it is sufficient to buy a $25 DVD player. But, from a marketing standpoint, these players suggest a retail price of about $100, while at the same time, BD players are dropping down below $200 (and some to close $150). Now, if you start to compare the $100 with the $150, I assume people will go with BD. Ironic. DVD helps selling BDs.

The gaming GOD4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

um, digital downloading has been around as long as the DVD. Torrents, p2p, filesharer programs, etc. Yet they didn't do anything to DVD sales. And remember, torrents, p2p, and the others are FREE. What makes people think these pay versions of digital downloads like netflix, hulu, and psn are going to overtake physical disc anytime soon is beyond me

Digital downloads isn't going to be "inevitable" for a long, long time. Right now, digital download only has a .4 market share. Not even half a percent. Blu ray has been rising steadily to the point that is past 10% market share.

On a side note, who are you going to trust, The studios that are constantly jumping ON the blu ray bandwagon and the retails that are making MORE room for blu ray? Or some "journalist" with "sources" and "opinions" that say blu ray is doomed?

Take your pick

Max Power4033d ago

gaming god you pay for hulu? i yet to give them a dime.

Socom4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

They are nobodies. Blogs and opinions written by nobodies who most likely is an avid 360 supporter as well.

What we need to listen to are the Wal marts, the Targets, the movie studios, the market etc.

Wal mart is clearing room for BLU RAY. THATS BE LUE RAAY . Not AGE DEE DEE VEE DEE. Repeat after me, ok. BE LUE RAAY! Hahaha.

As is Target.

What are the movie studios doing, people? Last time I checked, not one movie studio is behind HD DVD anymore. All stand behind Blu Ray. All are releasing their blockbusters on Blu Ray. Iron man, Indiana, Lord of the Rings, The Hulk, The dark knight, Transformers, and so will the new Harry Potter and the new James Bond.

What format was taking over according to the CEO of Walt Disney? It begins with a B.

"but, but, but, but...what about the market?" Yes, indeed what about the market? Blu Ray is doing better than DVD did in its early days and is already at 12% market share.

And yet these retarded 360 fanboys keep claiming how Blu Ray is drowning in the face of reality? I bet when the next Blu Ray add on rumors pops up, everyone of them will be cheering how they can watch movies in HD... ok, reality check. Apple does not like MS. Google does not like MS. Samsung does not like MS. In fact, just about every company in the Blu Ray association dislike MS in one way or another.

The chance that Sony is giving away its ace in the hole to MSs console for a small paycheck, is next to zero to none. Uh basically, none. Its not happening. Aint happening, we live in the real world, not lala fantasy land.

Man, how often do people have to proof you wrong. Didnt you people said how Blu Ray was dead because paramount took that MS checkbook? And then when Michaul Bay started cussing on the net, you called him an idiot? Guess what Im watching right now...TRANSFORMERS ON BLU RAY! Something you people said, was impossible and how it would never come out on Blu Ray. Hahaha.

When we told you HD DVD was dying, you laughed and said no. Well I went to Wal mart this morning and asked for an HD DVD add on. The guy looked at me with a weird face and said: "we dont sell shiat".


When we said PS3 will catch up to 360, you said "no way". We have gears of warsssss and halooooozzzz. Well this morning I looked at the numbers and PS3 is already at 17 million. And MS merely 4 million ahead, thats including RROD reshipments and 4 pricecuts and the dissembling of Ensembles Studios.

This Xmas is PS3 whether you like it or not.

SaiyanFury4033d ago

Good God another one?? How many of these articles do we need to read? It's obvious that the media love being critical of every little detail, but for crying out loud, Blu-ray isn't going anywhere for a good while. The industry established it as the standard for HD content and writing all these insignificant articles isn't going to change that. Sheesh, talk about trying to get hits. God, let it end already...

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darx4034d ago

You don't know anything about video games.

tk4034d ago

With the new releases it is clear that BR is growing faster than DVD did in its early days... and he declares this as "going cold". How daft can you get? Maybe he is getting paid to be daft.

Death4034d ago

The author isn't saying Blu-Ray is dead, he is stressing the importance of the crucial Holiday buying period. If Blu-Ray doesn't see a significant increase in sales, support may start to dry up. If you look at music, it is obvious that music on DVD can be much better since you can easily get more data on the disc. As we all know, this didn't really take off. Instead people went with convenience and the smaller MP3 standard. Consumers clearly wanted portable media instead of high definition sound. The same will most likely happen to movies. We will see our movies stored either on a home server or stored in subscription or pay per use servers in the future. Music looks to be going the same direction.

Personally, I prefer having the hard media, but convenience will most likely be the future in movies like it is in music.


Ju4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

The difference is, there is no need to put music on a DVD. MP3 is an high quality format, even if uncompressed 7.1 or what will kick its bud. And music DVDs were never supported by the industry. There is really no need to put more songs on a disk, and the quality improvement doesn't justify this, neither.

But for an optical medium, its a different story. Now the players (==HDTVs) changed dramatically. Higher resolution, better audio, better over all experience. This cries for a media to deliver. And there is nothing out there (DVD/CD or any other media) besides BD which can deliver this experience. Pretty simple. Upscaling DVD is like putting old vinyl record on a CD. Works, but with bad quality.

Johnny Rotten4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

... why do people not talk about HD satellite when do comparisons and stuff? Around where I live almost everyone I know have dishes and are willing and waiting for the HD sats to come out.

I know the picture's as good as blu-ray but the majority of these people are not tech buffs either, I would go as far as to say they have have never even heard the phrase "Digital Distribution". They all have satellite tv and are ready and are willing to upgrade without the hassel of internet, buying new players, and upgrading thier movie collection. All they have to do is sit on the couch pick the movie they want to buy and it's done.

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