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Days Gone feels like it's a few years too late. Nothing against zombie media, despite the currently dangerous saturation levels, but it's something you'd typically see released around the height of Walking Dead's popularity: before the show started to stagnate creatively and the shambling undead popped up on practically every network.

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Aeery781d ago

I don't want to be a score dick and right now I'm not interested in this game (because of my backlog), but ...

Destructoid : Anthem - 7

So, basically, every game below that score should be a flaming turd, right ?

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SweetIvy781d ago

I guess it depends on whether an outlet is interested in offering any score consistency or is just plain random ;).
But, hey, BioWare is DEFINITELY going to improve Anthem ^O^!

Aeery781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

... and the review is from the same guy!

Funny thing is that usually I like his reviews !

CaptainOmega781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

6 is above average.

The problem with a 1-10 scale for review scores is people think a 5 or a 6 is bad. It's only "bad" because people are so accustomed to getting 8 and 7's for "average" games. The scoring system needs to change or ppl need to be more consistent and realistic.