Review: Days Gone Demands Your Submission to the Content Treadmill | Slant Magazine

The game meets the baseline level of quality we might expect from a big-budgeted joint, yet it remains a tiresome, empty experience.

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Rimeskeem790d ago

Slant Magazine should not be taken as a score on metacritic. They are always an outlier and never have good reviews. Why are they considered important?

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Relientk77790d ago

As usual, Slant Magazine with a lower than the review average score.

solideagle790d ago

I did not see their review for crackdown 3? Metacritic should have some kind of algorithm if a website keeps giving low score for every game than the average then they should blacklist it

kneon790d ago

Or just handle it like some judged sporting events and drop the lowest and highest scores when calculating the average. If you ignore the top and bottom 10% then you will likely have eliminated most of the fanboys and trolls.

Nebaku790d ago

Or you could, ya know, actually read articles and form your own opinion on a game's merits, instead of needing an arbitrary number to do it for you.

Fluttershy77789d ago

Did you run-click to Metacritic to see their review for Crackdown 3?

DaDrunkenJester790d ago

Well you have CheatCC giving it a 9.6 when the next highest score is an 8.4. So you have some outliers both ways haha

xeyi789d ago

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Razzer789d ago

That is absolutely true. These are individual opinions so there will always be variance. That's why I look at the metacritic score above individual sites. If I went solely by Slant magazine then I would say Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a really bad game as they gave it a 4/10.


DaDrunkenJester789d ago


Yup, just like any news or opinions you should always look at multiple sources so you're fully informed. Using only a single source for anything is foolish. Honestly, the game still looks good, I think it's just getting a harder time because we are coming off of Spider-Man and GoW which oozed creativity while Days Gone may lack a bit of that.

Regardless, I have enjoyed PLENTY of 7's, it all depends on your taste.

n1kki6790d ago

So having an outlet that is actually critical isnt acceptable?

Exvalos790d ago

There is critical then there is out right negative exaggeration for attention. Look I think sea of thieves is a shallow piece of garbage but I can tell its not a 1/10 game.

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Profchaos790d ago

IGN mentioned lots of small bugs nothing game breaking but frequent enough to be annoying

sprinterboy790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Digital foundry said the opposite, a few small bugs and glitches here and there but nothing which distracts from a enjoyable game plus they mentioned day 1 patch was not installed.
Edit: I know who I'll trust, hint its not IGN

n1kki6790d ago

Remember when they overlooked piles of shortcomings on boring ass games like red dead 2. Outlets pick and choose when they are going to actually be a critic.

DrumBeat790d ago

I'm still going to play it. I'm going to plow through this thing. Judging by the trophies it's an easy platinum too.

rob-GP790d ago

Gotta admit, Slant are pretty crap the And shouldn’t be on Meta. They gave Sekiro a 4/10 and a few other highly praised games also got 2-4/10 scores for the clicks. All their input does is bring down the actual average of the games they decide to write about

mkis007790d ago

They review 73% lower than the average critic over 533 reviews. Something is obviously wrong with this publication. They dont enjoy gaming. Or they dont realize movie ranges dont work in video game scores.

NotanotherReboot790d ago

So they have to subscribe to the same opinion as everyone else to be credible? lol

mkis007790d ago

No they just rate too low on the scale. A 2 out of 10 doesnt leave much room for a truly broken unplayable terrible game...which this isn't according to their words. The words are more like a 4 or 5. Doesnt matter in the end, the scores are dissapointing, but not atrocious.

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SpinalRemains138790d ago

Sekiro got a 4!!!???

That's blasphemy. What a great game.

Exvalos790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Yeah this site shows how metacritic is broken, on both ends of the spectrum, some sites blindly will give any Sony, Nintendo or microsoft game a 10 depending on what camp they represent. Others review bomb for clicks no matter what, in fact they probably didnt even play the game.

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