Alien 40th Anniversary: 5 of the Best Alien Video Games

TBG writes - Over the years the Alien franchise has been re-told, expanded upon and flipped on its head in video game form. Today we look at 5 of the best.

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aaronlif1061d ago

IGN I think you've honestly lost the right to even comment on what the best Alien game is considering the savage review you used to tear apart Alien Isolation. If I see that game on this list then you may as well provide a pretty good justification for why you gave that game such a low score. I stopped paying attention to your review scores after playing that game for myself and realizing how off the mark your review was.

theflamey60d ago

Totally agree IGN are off the boil

aaronlif1059d ago

Lol I just now realized I posted this thinking I was on IGN's website, not N4G. Oops lol.