The One Mistake Bethesda Made In Fallout 3 That No One Noticed

Every version of Fallout 3 has various graphic bugs, lock ups, save game issues, and gameplay bugs . Including my peaceful resolution to Tennypenny Towers registering as a feral ghoul invasion on Galaxy News Radio. However, Bethesda made one mistake about something that is widely known here in America.

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Darkseider4027d ago

The mistake they made that no one noticed is that they released it and people bought it!


cheapndirty4027d ago

n4g is using lame stuff like this and calling it news. It seems that any one that blogs about games will get on this site as "news". The scary thing is there are many that will quote these blogs as "fact". I think I will be going back to googling my news and not rely on blogs for gamers.

Horny Melon4027d ago

there is not enough gaming "news" to support N4G. At one point N4G strictly enforced this, but it didn't work out well. N4G was basically just a portal for the major gaming sites. The front page would stay static often for days on end with only a few posts being approved every couple of days. It is like sports, there isn't enough interesting "news" that happens in a week so 90% of the content is commentary.

fan_of_gaming4027d ago

i completely agree. I for one think this site would be much less attractive to visit if the only posts we got were from major sites. The good things about N4G is that you can read things that you might not normally come across on the major sites. I like reading some of the more interesting blogs on here, such as Silogon's, VGTilt i think it is. Yea with blogs some things might not be "news" but if they aren't we aren't forced to read them, just skip it and go on to the next story. That's just my opinion tho.

Horny Melon4026d ago

was not on your list of blogs you like to read.

fan_of_gaming4026d ago

sorry if it came across that way. I haven't seen many of the articles from your blog, but i just used VGTilt as an example because i remember one article where people were complaining that the review from that site was included in the N4G metascore because it was a blog. Well imo who cares about the score a game gets, play it if it interests you and don't play it if it doesn't. I liked this article though, i'll read any others i see from your blog :)

Horny Melon4026d ago

We are actually a site run by 4 people. I agree with you. I don't care what a review says if I want a game I get it I don't care what others say. I read reviews for entertainment. My favorite all time game before LBP was Carnage Heart for ps1.

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hay4027d ago

I have another one. You can't max your skills on PC version at the moment. Bug won't allow it.

ThanatosDMC4026d ago

HAHAHAH... so true. But i like the limit. I just want modded game that have "boss" enemies that are high lever.

I'm having an easier time killing super mutants with my hunting rifle when i figured out that putting skill points on Small Arms actually raise the damage... i know, it's sad since i figured it out when i was all ready lv 10.

jspc19894027d ago

the guy that found that has way, way to much time on his hands lol

callahan094027d ago

DEFINITELY agree with you on this one.

I also don't believe that criticising the realism of the National Mall in the game is in tune with my opinion. I loved coming out of a subway stop and seeing the washington monument towering before me, and walking along the pool and seeing all of those familar buildings, including the behemoth Capital Building. It was impressive and beautiful in that nuclear-fallout kind of way.

Now, the one mistake that I did notice in the game is pretty serious (for me, at least). And it's a REAL mistake in gameplay design. That is, the local map is too limited. When I'm inside the Capital Building, I'd like to be able to look at a map of the entire building that I've yet explored, with all entrances/exits mapped. Instead, it only shows me a limited view of what I've already discovered. If I can't remember where a specific door as located and I'm not in close enough proximity for it to show on my local map, then I just have to explore randomly, AGAIN, in order to find a location where it will show up on my map, then I can head toward it.

It's kind of minor, actually, but sometimes it annoys me.

ChampIDC4027d ago

Heck, I haven't ever heard of this mistake. I'm surprised a gamer knew it and actually bothered to look for it.

jay24027d ago

Maybe, just maybe someone actually knows how to spell.

cruckel4027d ago

I bought this game to play, and to enjoy the world that Bethesda made so well. I didn't plan on sitting down and reading every single detail.

Now that i think about it, I didn't think many bricks looked the same on some walls.

Thanks for the morning laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.