Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for PS4 Reveals Adol's New Look and Relase Date with New Screenshots on Famitsu

Adol Christin is back in Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for PS4, but he looks remarkably different. A Japanese Release Date has also been revealed.

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Pedantic91587d ago

Did Adol get cursed or something ? His red hair is like 80% of his character.

587d ago
Abriael587d ago

Probably just hiding his identity.

rainslacker587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

No doubt. Red hair is pretty much iconic of the character.

I think this must be something more than it looks like. Falcom is usually good at staying true to the roots of the series, even when they mix it up. He's the strong silent hero, but this makes him look like the brooding hero, which isn't him at all.

Given that all the artwork for the game so far he's had red hair, I think it's not going to be his new look.

zacfoldor587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

Playing Ys VIII at the moment. Amazing game. It started pretty slow and basic, but it got good really fast. Excellent game! IMO, if they keep that quality up, you will see this series start to rise in popularity.

jznrpg587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

9 looks even better and I really enjoyed 8

Teflon02587d ago

I liked Celceta better only because I didn't like the whole Island theme long term. It was too much over time. it was fun exploring with how big it is. But it definitely got annoying that things just didn't feel like it was changing for so long. But 9 seems to fix the little things I didn't like. Ys is such a great series

jznrpg587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

I never was a fan of the red hair , probably because I have almost black hair . But this really messed with the lore of the red-haired adventurer everyone has heard stories of in the past games , I like the change it just doesn’t make sense as of now.

TheGamez100587d ago

And ppl said he was going to be a chick lol. Hope his red hair returns though, it was always a symbol of his.