Sonic Unleashed: New Video(Wii Version)

Sega unveils a new trailer of the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed scheduled for November 18 in the US.

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Smacktard4034d ago

LOL WII GRAPH-- oh wait..

ChickeyCantor4034d ago

Even though i think it looks decent, The graphics wouldn't be the horrible part. It's the damn werehog.

Smacktard4034d ago

I think the Werehog part sounds stupid too, but... really, does it look like the hedgehog part has any challenge to it at all? It brings a whole new meaning to "press right to win"

ChickeyCantor4034d ago

Well, if we can't have it from Sega...the old school style that is, it's time someone made some homebrew !

kunit22c4033d ago

you guys check it out its not only running with sonic non werehog there are also areas like the werehog areas check out like the middle of this video to see what i mean

ChickeyCantor4033d ago

If you havn't noticed, its that part I really dislike.

kunit22c4032d ago

that kind of gameplay was in sonic adventure 2 battle and i LOVED that game! it was awesome!

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-Angel-4033d ago

I think my little brother will enjoy it, he liked the one on the GC with all the racing.

kesvalk4033d ago

werehog mode get's uglier and uglier everytime i see it X_X