VGR: 007 Quantum of Solace Review


"Visually, Quantum of Solace is fairly strong because of the COD 4 engine. It does have some pretty poor character models, but that's about the only blemish in its presentation. Voice-acting is superb as it's done by most of the cast from the films, although I don't know how much is recycled and how much was recorded especially for the game. It does remain a good game to tie in with the film, something that's incredibly rare today.

Even though its way too easy, I keep coming back to play Quantum of Solace. Why? It has its share of flaws but it's a solid game underneath and has a really addictive multiplayer. It won't topple GoldenEye, but it does a good job in representing the films on the next-gen systems. Bond is back and hopefully the next game will be even better."

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