PcAdvisor: Samsung S3 Slim review


"Although the glowing, touch-sensitive controls contribute to the Samsung S3 Slim's sleek look, they're a bit tricky to use. Four directional controls (up, down, left, right) surround a central play/pause/select button. The setup resembles a touch thumbwheel, and, naturally, we wanted to use it as such. But instead, you navigate by repeatedly tapping one of the directional buttons, which is tedious when you're scrolling through a lot of songs.

The Samsung S3 Slim's great sound quality and ease of use at such a low cost makes this music player an excellent buy - just don't expect bonuses such as cool software or a family of accessories (as with the iPod nano). And be sure to test out the touch-sensitive controls before you buy; you may find them a deal-breaker."

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