Apex Legends decline spooks investors

From VG247: "Apex Legends has been bleeding viewers on Twitch, and loosing the mind share of players after just a couple of weeks following its release.

Despite peaking at 40 million hours watched on Twitch in February – an-all time high for any game, Apex Legends has already dropped to 10 million per week."

BadElf1614d ago

Really is a shame....I thought this was going to be beautifully updated post launch. Sad.

UltraNova1614d ago

I have a feeling Respawn has stretched themselves thin between updating/supporting Apex and developing the new Star wars game. They were just not prepared for such a huge workload.

If that's the case I sure they are scrambling to get new blood in, but will they do it before its too late for Apex? That's the question.

DaDrunkenJester1614d ago

If that's the case I really hope they don't half ass Jedi Fallen Order. I really want a good Star Wars game haha

WombBat1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I told you all that Apex Legends was not a Fortnite killer. If you look at the two games from a design point-of-view, Fortnite has a LOT more depth. The ability to build adds defense to a genre that lacked creative ways of implementing defense. Building adds another dimension of creativity to shooter. I can understand why some don't like it, but when it comes to longevity of a game, we need creativity and depth. The Apex Legends formula is just Overwatch + PUBG + Titanfall without really adding anything new, and certainly not something as impactful as building.

Fortnite could take out the Battle Royale mode and swap it for a Slayer/Deathmatch and it would still do really well, in my opinion, although it would also need ranking system like Halo 3's.

KillBill1614d ago

@WomBat - I think you are missing the the real reason of Fortnite's success and longevity. The building for sure is a difference identifier between Fortnite and other games but that is far from the reason for its success. The reason for the longevity of Fortnite is the simple fact of it always evolving. Giving us the same single map but changing up the map each season to make its evolution a key component in why people return season after season. Giving us the familiarity of the map with the draw of wanting to see how it changes as the seasons play out.

UltraNova1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )


Although Fortnite's constant updating is crucial to its sustained success, I believe its more than that. I believe, that Fortnite has obtained that legendary "Mincraft" notoriety amongst teenagers, where everyone has to be playing it to be cool and accepted. This is why its so massively popular today.

WombBat1613d ago


You know what you are right. That is a part of why it was successful because the game has changed dramatically from the base Fortnite. But I still think that the building was the main reason why people stayed. But I don't even want to discredit the weapon balance and gunplay in Fortnite. And for the guy saying that its about what's cool, I am not so sure about that because we have seen paid advertisers and streamers taken control of the zeitgeist but people still go back to Fortnite for a reason.

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Alek831614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Exactly. If they just keep adding content, people wouldn't be leaving in droves. I thought this would finally break my unhealthy Fortnite habit, but I was bored after just a month. Fun month though.

It also got me into checking out Titanfall 2, and I am actually playing that now as well. What a great game, too bad I missed it when it launched.

franwex1614d ago

What made you skipped it during launch? I’m curious as to why so many people skipped it.

1614d ago
Alek831613d ago


It released at a really bad time. Gears of War 4, Mafia 3, and Battlefield 1.

I mean heck, I still play BF1 from time to time.

MetroidFREAK211614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I'm so glad I don't play games based on Twitch but instead of what I enjoy playing. All games decline overtime. While this decline is faster than I expected, it's because season 1 didn't really add much. The battlepass was admittedly very weak, no new weapons except for the Havoc, only 1 legend, no ranked or competitive (for those who care) so it's obvious why the game is losing steam. I personally still really enjoy it and as long as I can get into games, that's all I really want. Hope they add new content fast to keep people interested

Rude-ro1614d ago

😂 too funny.
Twitch’s biggest streamers are used commercially, then articles are made per whatever use a company had for them.
Apex launched with sponsored streams. Thus inflating viewerships.
Trend dies down, then it is doom and gloom.
Microsoft did a sponsored stream with sea of thieves, then it was “sea of thieves is back!”.. a week later number plummet.

Here is what you take away from twitch.. they are shills.
Also, with twitch changing to add or sub approach.. a lot of people are just choosing to stop watching in general.

Servbot411614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Yup this game reeked of paid sponsorship streams. You don't announce your game one day before it comes out to absolutely zero fanfare and have all the big names start streaming you at the same time. It's been fishy since day one and apparently people were oblivious to it. Not saying the game is or isn't good but come on guys.

Gardenia1614d ago

They can pay millions for sponsored streams, but if a game is bad and/or boring then gamers simply stop playing it

Rude-ro1613d ago

That has nothing to do with the point.
They are not talking active player numbers.. they using twitch viewership numbers. Completely different.

Emme1614d ago

After some time, watching oyher people pkay isnt just very interesting.

xVOLTx1614d ago

Crap game from a crap company.

agent131614d ago

a crap publisher but from a great studio respawn did good with titanfall and their star wars game seems promising

frostypants1614d ago

Best BR game by far from a great company, just a crap publisher.

bluefox7551613d ago

Yeah, I don't understand why people are treating this like it's "different", it's just more BR trash. This was bound to happen.