Fact or Fiction - Resistance 2 As The Next Big Thing

411's Chris Vicari and Joe Roche give us their thoughts on how they think Resistance 2 stacks up to the competition, whether Mirror's Edge will live up to the hype, the chances that people won't ignore the Wii port of Pikmin as they did the GameCube original, the effect MK vs. DCU's T rating will have on sales, whether downloading the Mother 3 ROM is full of wrong, and the chances that a "real" actor will play Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie in this edition of Fact or Fiction Games.

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InMyOpinion4032d ago

Like you can tell the difference between fact and fiction. Your stuck in some kind of psychosis ffs.

JDW4033d ago

While I am sure Resistance 2 will be a great will be like all the other big console games released this gen, hyped and then forgotten a month after it is released.

Games such as MGS4, GTA4 and Halo 3 were talked up to stupid levels before their release by obsessed fanboys and as soon as the games were released the old game was forgotten and the insanity moved on to the "next big thing".

So yeah.....Resistance 2 may well be the next big thing......but this gen, being the hot game only lasts for a few weeks at most. It seems as most gamers have attention problems these days.

Anyways.....I much more looking forward to COD: World at War.

Pennywise4033d ago

Its true most games get tossed to the side pretty fast this gen, but R2 has some stay time. I know I will be playing this until at least Feb.

Johnny Rotten4033d ago

Resistance is hyped up but it's carrying very little promotional hype. IMO the people who are excited are the fans who grew to love the first one.

Even when it is forgotten it will be remembered as setting standards that no other counsel has yet to date. IE. 2 entirely different campaigns, 8 person online co-op, 30 vs 30 multiplayer.

Kleptic4033d ago

yeah they compare it to 'halo'...yet Halo 3 had no where near the legs as was topped by CoD 4 in overall sales (not really fair I know), but more imporantly, topped Halo 3 more often than not on XBL...

and people are still talking, buying, and playing the crap out of CoD 4...they can say World at War will be a big title for Resistance 2 to go up against...and I almost guarantee it won't at war will be a huge disappointment to many imo...all the positive sides of CoD 4, as in the modern weapons and abilities, are getting ditched for the same 'been there done' WWII stuff...and for someone reason the media, nor Activision, understand that...its using a great looking engine...but the walls of WWII shooters collapsed over a year ago, and it was more or less by CoD 4's sword...

I am not saying that Resistance 2 will finally be the game to dethrone the best console shooter to date either (which is CoD 4 without question by the way)...cod 4 did so well imo because it blended tactical and arcade shooter qualities nearly perfectly...Resistance 2 stays much more on the arcade shooter side of that fence...which will bring in different players, but alienate a lot of cod fans...

judging by the beta, resistance 2 online is a blast...but I don't think it will get the following modern warfare built...Killzone 2 though, thats the real debate imo...and it definitely could...

4032d ago
SaiyanFury4032d ago

The only problem in comparing the R2 staying power to Halo 3 and Gears of war, is that R2 is only on the PS3, and the PS3 lacks those other games. I'm still playing the original Resistance to this day and am looking forward to picking up R2 tomorrow. With the blowout new online coop mode, I'll most likely be playing R2 for the next year at least.

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elorm94033d ago

They just said the game was bad because it isn't as popular as Gears 2 or Halo 3...

pp4033d ago

Its a Fact Resistance 2 has yet again failed.

Pennywise4032d ago

Everyone says this site is full of sony fanboys, but Sony bots have 1-2 bubbles and this idiot is running around with 4.

San anto4032d ago

sony fanboys may be considered a bit dull but you see 360 fanboys are just out and out sad fuucks with multiple accounts and 0% of a life.

mirroredderorrim4033d ago

This game has lasting appeal.

If there is at least a few hundred thousand people like me, who played the same map on co-op over and over and over again, then I highly doubt what you say about it being forgotten, especially so quick as you stated. "forgotten a month after it is released"

Even CoD4 isn't forgotten and it's a little old now.

Kleptic4033d ago

you say 'even cod 4'?...that is the console standard now...not halo...not Gears...CoD 4 has the biggest community of active the fact cod 4 is still being played like crazy a year later isn't really that surprising...

I think what will be surprising to a lot of the media, and to Activision, is to how so many of us will stick with CoD 4, and not even bother with world at war...the gameplay tries hard to share the good parts of CoD 4...but the entire WWII theatre is simply so played out and boring that its destined to remain in the back seat against its older brother...

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The story is too old to be commented.