Every Risk of Rain 2 Character Ranked By Power Level

Risk of Rain 2 is currently in early access, but it’s shaping up to be a great evolution of the original. However, not every character was created equal.

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Princess_Pilfer1686d ago

I definitely woulnd't put artificer at #2. She scales the worst of any of the characters with on-hit items (which are the majority of the good damage items in game atm) because she hits the slowest. Sure flamethrower specifically is good with them, but it's essenitally suicidal to use in a lot of situations (which is why when you see people doing 90+ minute artificer runs they quickly stop using it as the enemies scale up in threat.)

With no items, or very limited items, she's probably the best. (hence her popularity in prismatic trials.) With the general mix of random on-hit items the games likes to give, she's probably the worst. So only gets back to being really good if you get a mix of on-kill items (will of the wisps and ceremonial daggers specifically,) crowbars, and armor piercing rounds, and *if* you luck out super hard on those specific items she can 1shot just about anything. (but then, it's a similar story with other characters on with their much-more-common on hit items, so the fact that her needs are so specific is a real problem for attempting long runs.)

Let me put it this way. TL:DR, my best huntress run (who I pick 20% of the time) on normal difficulty is 92 minutes. My best on Artificer (who I pick 60% of the time) is 71.

sinspirit1685d ago

Agreed. I had to de-hype my friends who were working towards her once I played her


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