GameManx Podcast Episode 16: Double Up, Get Your Chips Ready

In the GameManx Podcast Episode 16, GameManx Writes:

"Back after a weeks hiatus and preparing for the impending game release onslaught we talk on the Tomb Raider Underworld demo, Resistance 2 Beta, Call of Duty World At War Beta, Mirrors Edge Demo, Street Fighter Club Brooklyn Event, Street Fighter IV netcode and Play Magazine article, Half life 2 revisited, Midnight Run, Site Outages, Wipeout HD, 1080p and game resolutions this generation... and more."

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4035d ago
DavidMacDougall4035d ago

This guy might as well be saying plz give me hits

Pennywise4035d ago

See if we support one (HHG) we have to support all the amateurs. Nothing against any of the bloggers, but be gone with them and their please give me hit headlines.

Hentai4035d ago

Uncharted Drake is the definition of next gen.