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SL1M DADDY4027d ago

I don't trouble myself with DLC so this doesn't bother me too badly but I have to say that for a year old game, why was this content not included in the retail version?

DavidMacDougall4027d ago

Would never buy DLC. It should have been on the disc being that it was full price for a 1 year old game

Pennywise4027d ago

The game just came out, it SHOULD of been on the disc. Enough nickle and diming us..... Isnt it enough you are making $10+ more a disc this gen.

pain777pas4027d ago

Pennywise you took the words right out of my mouth........literally! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amnesiac4027d ago

Total joke.

I love Bioshock, but I'm not putting 10$ on some "puzzle rooms" that the developers were to lazy to put on the disc.

It's got enough replay value with the trophies. I'll probably trade it into Blockbuster at some point anyways...

Ju4027d ago

They weren't to lazy. That's fully intentionally. Just milk gamers a bit more. Well, if they game would have sold for say $39 or $49 I could imagine, they'd actually would have sold a couple of PS3 versions...

PimpHandHappy4027d ago

would you really spend 10 bucks for challenge rooms?

PSN has much more worthy stuff you can spend that 10 bucks on! Go buy HVB Go buy Eden

this is a joke

im not buying this game till i see a part 2 and im sure as all helll not spending 10 bucks on challenge rooms

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The story is too old to be commented.