Guardian Game Review: Gears of War 2

Guardian writes: "If any game can be said to have established the archetype of the Xbox 360 owner, it was 2006's Gears of War.

A hardcore, innovative third/first-person shooter with a prominent cover system and the opportunity for two people to play through it co-operatively, it was clearly designed to appeal to a clientele that was almost exclusively male, aged in its 20s and 30s and had been gaming for years – in other words, exactly the demographic that Microsoft's console rivals deride it for attracting. Microsoft, one senses, wouldn't have minded that, as it sold a staggering 5 million units."

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FBl4026d ago

It appears there's a game called Gears of War 2 that has scored an 8 out of 10

tehReaper4026d ago

Yeah if you venture a bit further down the scenery you'll find a majestic 8/10 for Resistance 2 from 1up.

*A jeep full of tourists drives by. The tour guide states firmly to not feed the troll on the hill and to avoid him. The tourists drive away waving goodbye to the troll, as he returns to his bridge*

Mr Fancy Pants4026d ago

but now GeoW2 has two 8's compared to R2 that only has one from a biased site.

the other 8?

Maxned4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Well your binoculars have too much BIAS on the lens.

Gears of war 2 has an average score of 95 on metacritic based on 18 reviews. Loser.

spongeboob4026d ago

Just enjoy all the damn great games and stop b!tching about the review numbers. Don't let my name fool you i am a fan of all games in general and a hater of all fanbabies.

If you guys where true gamers you wouldn't be on here writing novels about which console is better. You would be to busy playing all the great games.

Times up back to Fallout 3, LBP, Deadspace, and soon Resistance 2 and Gears 2.

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solideagle14026d ago

has also scored 8 out of 10 but it was from 1up. why does review is an opinion? game developer develops games with their hearts and souls whole days and nights and they say its just my opinion. game sales hurt when it got bad ratings.

Capt CHAOS4026d ago

and even I'm surprised. Check if you don't believe me..

Mr PS34026d ago

The Bots are gettin a little upset at me Trolling the Gears Reviews

Well i Gotta tell it like it is and the Truth Hurts
Resistance 2 is far Superior to Gears DLC

4026d ago
Capt CHAOS4026d ago

Resistance 2 is far more superior to frogger.

I don't know where the resistance 2 puppies came from. This is a gears of war 2 thread and news story..

squall20994026d ago

yo FBI, you really must not have a freakin life do you? you come to n4g and bad mouth anything xbox360/Microsoft related. well f*ck you and SONY, both of you have 1 thing in common... both of you TALK ALOT OF BULLSH&T AND CANT BACK IT UP. go sack on sony's balls you f**kin sackF*ggot!, your a loser and i hope your freakin SACKSTATION 3 gets stolen.

you know xbox is better quit freakin hating on it, you have no life, you don't go to college, you sit on your windows 98 pc drinking milk and cookies all day refreshing your internet explorer v.7.0 hoping to find another xbox article to sh*t on. well go sh*t on your SONY shrine you made in your bed room and leave use xbox people alone....LOSER!!!

Pennywise4026d ago

says the guy with 1 bubble. Sometimes 1 is too many.

Jandre024026d ago

Somebody is a little mad about this 8 huh?

elorm94026d ago

As if you're any better dude... I do agree that FBI is going overboard with his trolling, but w/e

tehReaper4026d ago

So much anger, from just one little dude.

Well, he's 100% correct about Nasim, that's for sure.

y0haN4026d ago

You belong on Xbox Live, please stay there.

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PotNoodle4026d ago

I was really wanting this game just before the reviews, it gets a lot of amazingly good reviews and now i'm a bit "Meh", for some really strange reason.

WhittO4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

ye, with the random bombardment of reviews all at the same time and all like over 9, sort of gives the impression that it is all set up.

Not thats its not a good game, just i dont know how 1up for example can give R2 a B+ which is lower than what they gave R1 ? then go and give Gears2 an A ?! Which really, lets be honest has like half the features as R2, shorter campaign and significantly smaller online.

Both great games but some things just dont add up.

Im waiting for gamespots score, Gamespot and IGN are the only 1s that matter to me as they are usually on point and dont get swept up in hype!

4026d ago
WhittO4026d ago

yes theres a review embargo for most games, but i have never seen every single major site release their review the exact same time! not even hours apart. Do you see them doing that with Resistance 2 ? no, its like they have been "given guidance" of when to release the review (perhaps also made sure there is not a single review below 9? lol)

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The story is too old to be commented.