Microsoft Bringing the Ban Hammer Down on Pirates writes: "We're just a little over a week away from the grand debut of the New Xbox Experience, at which point we'll all be gussying up our Avatars and sorting out our Netflix instand queues and trying to remember why we were so attached to the Blades in the first place. But there are some people who can't wait, folks who have gone ahead and jumped on the bandwagon early even though it was forbidden, and those poor souls will be punished.

Not long after the early NXE access went out to review outlets and a few lucky contest winners, the files found their way onto the Internet. Thus, savvy pirate types are able to easily download the files and then plug them into their Xbox, thereby giving them early access to NXE. There are two problems though, first is that these folks can't connect to Xbox Live until at least November 19 (since that's when Microsoft flips the switch and turns it on), but even worse is the fact that these "pirates" may be permanently banned from Xbox Live."

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Expy4028d ago

If they aren't connected to Live, then there is no way for Microsoft to know that they have the NXE before the release date. No way to ban them.

Pebz4028d ago

They can see that you have the preview build, on a console that is not authorized for the preview, once you do try to connect to live when it's finally up with NXE on November 19. They might not ban you before that, but you are basically "banned", in effect, since you can't connect to live anyway.

I doubt there is much, if any, activities you do on your 360 that MS can't find out about once you connect to live, privacy policy be damned.

The Dark Knight4028d ago

you cannot be banned for a FREE update

ezlife4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

your xbox is connected to xbox live and to prove it, when i first added the nxe on sat i was dissapointed to find out i could not connect to xbox live, i tried thing i noticed was when i tried setting the clock to nov 20th and when i tried to connect it would set the clock back to the right date and time, plus if you use a flash drive for the update. the update does not attach itself to the hard drive so you can move your hard drive to a non-updated xbox and connect to live.
see you online


The Matrix4028d ago

"Windows 7 leaked" "Gears of War 2 leaked 2 weeks early." These are just a few of the articles I'm looking at. Windows 7 being leaked is more current than this thread.

I'll believe it when I see it Microsoft.

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Ps3Fanboy7774028d ago

To bad you CAN unban a console.

Not sure if they have changed anything with this recent banning but you most certainly can un ban a console. Not easy but then again if you modded in the 1st place you can handle it.

cain1414028d ago

Just wait for NXE to launch. I'm willing to be patient.

ThePimpOfSound4028d ago

I love hearing about this stuff.

thegamereviews4028d ago

Yup saw it at E3, no need to rush it.

aubradley4028d ago

Hehe, for sure. Not too much to get worked up over on this one, may as well just wait until the 19th.

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The story is too old to be commented.