‘Star Citizen’ Director Chris Roberts reveals what he would do to fix ‘Anthem’

“Star Citizen” Director Chris Roberts knows about creating sci-fi open worlds. He sat down with us to discuss how he would fix BioWare’s “Anthem.”

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Alek83732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

BioWare and EA need to listen to this man. He turned NMS from a pile of steaming shit to one of the best open world exploration games our there.

Yes, I know he promised things he did not deliver, but in my eyes, he more than made up for it with all the amazing free patches for No Man's Sky.

ZombieGamerMan732d ago

Don't think patching up someone else's work fixes not releasing a product that he has poorly mismanaged

VenomUK731d ago

Whilst I hope I live long enough to play Star Citizen I have to say this headline made me laugh! It's like Peter Molyneux giving Sean Murray advice on how not to over-promise!

joab777732d ago

You are thinking of Sean Murray! Roberts is in the same boat as Bioware would be if EA wasn’t their parent company, on year 7 of a game that has absolutely no release date in site. I do believe that SC has direction, but it needs to finalize something at some point, and build upon it after it’s released.

Alek83732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

Oh ouch, you are 100% correct. I'm dumb lol. Anyway, NMS is awesome and had a huge turnaround. They should consult those guys.

uth11731d ago

Chris Roberts promised things he didn't deliver too, namely Star Citizen

The 10th Rider731d ago

The part about no release date isn't entirely true

They have a roadmap for the online portion of the game that doesn't really give a solid time frame. That completely sucks.

The single player portion of the game, Squadron 42, has a set pathway from now to release. They plan on it being feature complete and in alpha testing in Q1 of next year. Then in Q2 it's supposed to be entering beta. That means sometime around a year to year and a half from now people should be able to get their hands on the single player of Start Citizen, which is being sold as it's in thing.

I guess we'll find out for sure in about a year. S42 is the part of the game that I'm cautiously interested in, so I hope it works out.

rainslacker731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

I think EA is wishing Roberts had stayed. He's made millions on a game which is never finished, and people keep giving him more money for new features before the others are finished. It sounds oddly familiar to Games as a service doesn't it?

It's rather ironic that the company he worked for that he helped make famous with Wing Commander is now the name of EA's online service.

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porkChop732d ago

Bruh... wrong guy lmfao.

Alek83732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

Ignore, I'm dumb. Thought of NMS I stead of SC. Still some solid ideas to fix the giant pile of burning shit that is Anthem.

Cobra951731d ago

I hate it when I do that. We all have brain farts sometimes. Just laugh it off.

The 10th Rider731d ago

Don't feel too bad, the comment is pretty hilarious, haha.

rainslacker731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

You're comment is wrong on many different levels

1. Chris Roberts had no hand in NMS. That's Sean Murray
2. NMS wasn't a pile of sh*t on release, it just didn't have all the features people expected.
3. Chris Roberts has milked the Star Citizen fans for more money since it's inception, and hasn't delivered a full game since he actually left EA.
4. Roberts has fine tuned the notion of making people pay continuously while delivering as little as possible.
5. Roberts has been all over the place with what he will deliver on Star Citizen, and as of yet, hasn't delivered what he originally promised with the initial backing campaign
6. Star Citizen is probably the best example of feature creep ever. So many distractions, the game is much more than it started off as, but still isn't what it was originally meant to be, so it doesn't even have that in common with NMS.

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Brave_Losers_Unite732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

Greedy EA taking notes from Scam Citizen director? What could go wrong?

harmny731d ago

Scam citizen? You can play the game right now

Hungryalpaca731d ago

You’re on a site filled with console owners. They don’t follow SC at all.

Spartacus10731d ago

@ Hungryalpaca
We do follow it actually. About twice a year we have a laugh at it, as we have done for about 8 years now.

rainslacker731d ago

He hasn't released the entirety of the game he said he was going to make with the initial crowd funding. He's had feature creep more than any game in history.

I don't think he's scamming people though. I think he's working on the game, and delivering it in pieces. Which is fine if the backers are OK with it. But i can't imagine in this day and age that all the backers are that happy with the way he's been releasing content for this game. That just defies the nature of the internet.

What Roberts has done though, is pretty much about what you see with Anthem. Release a game which is unfinished....pretty much in alpha or beta stage, charged for it(before it started production in many cases), under-delivered, and promised more content in the future...sometimes at a cost upfront. However, he hasn't required everyone to pay for the new features, so what he's doing with Star Citizen really isn't unlike what is criticized with many games since last gen, where games get released, then milked with updated content releases over the years...sometimes at a cost. Roberts just does it more on the MT model, where people can back the project ahead of time.

What he's doing is just a GaaS game. It's nothing new, but the ambition behind his project has escalated so high, that he has a lot to deliver on.

That said, I do have more faith in him to deliver eventually, than I do in EA/Bioware doing so on Anthem.

PapaBop731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

They'd make it f2p then offer Javelins as cash shop options costing $100+ each

boing1731d ago

Why SC is a scam? Explain, please. I have never seen more transparent crowd funding campaign so it always surprises me when people say that but maybe I don't know the whole picture. Did something happened?

nommers731d ago

He’d turn the game into the most expensive Kickstarter of all time?

Jaypi03731d ago

He'd drop it into early access, and make you wait years before it releases.

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