How The English Translation Messed Up Final Fantasy VII's Famous Death Scene

Kotaku: "I first played Final Fantasy VII in English immediately after it was released in 1997. I was in college at the time. In 2017, possessing two fresh decades of life experience and a fluency in the Japanese language, I decided to revisit Final Fantasy VII. I didn’t meant to revisit it quite as, uh, thoroughly as I ended up doing, though here I am: two years later, I have finished a meticulous assessment of the Japanese script of Final Fantasy VII.

Now 22 years after first playing the game in English, I experienced the Japanese version. I have extracted every bit of nuance I could, and I have a long, wild explanation for how exactly this scene lost some of its impact in English.

Spoilers ahead."

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naruga1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

...a man with no relation/experience at all in gaming development ....judges, and over-analyses with ton of cringe and geek mentality a legendary game work, without even understanding or having discussed what the developpers wanted to depict .....Kotaku the shthole of gaming

pasta_spice1121d ago

Well I think it's safe to say that the English translation screwed up a lot of pretty basic translations and characterizations, so kudos to the Kotaku guy for going to the effort of explaining what stuff us English players might have missed out on due to the rushed localization effort.

You don't need to interview the developers to understand that Aerith saying "This guy are sick!" and Sephiroth saying Cloud was "born five years ago" probably wasn't what was originally intended.