Gears of War 2 Cog Tag Code Unlocks Exclusive Image

"Just today we discovered another use for the cog tag CSID# that wasn't available when the site first launched and has nothing to do with unlocking new locations. Entering our unique number one last time opened up an exclusive Gears of War 2 desktop image of Marcus ready to kick some serious ass."

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Pennywise4028d ago

Something for you xbots to get off to late night with a bottle of wine and some dim lights.

pp4028d ago

At least we don't play with sack boy in bed at night.

Johnny Rotten4028d ago

nothing better to look at than a soldier juiced up on steroids!

Reibooi4028d ago

That is the most pointless thing I have ever seen.

Adamalicious4028d ago

They wear those around their necks? No wonder they have to be so burly.

When I look at Epic's character models it makes me want to send them one of those human anatomy art reference books. :P

elorm94028d ago

*sniffle* "They took dommy away"