IGN UK Gears of War 2 Review

After a two year wait, the Gears of War series is back, with Marcus Fenix returning in a sea of carnage that should more than satiate anyone's lust for Locust lobotomising. Following endless hyberbole from Cliffy B on the sequel's bigger, more badass approach

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Mr PS34032d ago

This Game is Dull,Boring,Repetitive,No Story,Uninspiring And in the Graphics Dept Not much of an Improvement
Basically This Game Should Be DLC at Best !!!

AngryHippo4032d ago

....why do you care so much?! Are you really that sad and pathetic that you feel the need to be in every single Gears 2 review thread spreading you retarded fanboy bullsh!t over and over again?!Get a life you sad pathetic little [email protected]

theKiller4032d ago


Resistance 2 >>> gears 2

4032d ago Replies(2)
DeZimatoR4032d ago

Resistance: Fall of Man 2, its Resistance 2, period.

At least get your facts straight.

GodGinrai4032d ago

im gettin both this week too. looks like its gonna be a dominoes and doritos diet for me this weekend!

FBl4032d ago

This score effectively means Gears of War 2 is another Microsoft failure

Maxned4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Three things:

1. Every time someone replies to FBI, he never responds because he cant. How can a person POSSIBLY say that a 92/100 is a BAD score?!

2. FBI is a robot.

3. If you love your ps3 soooo much, why dont you get off (which you are on 24 hours a day) and PLAY IT.

Pennywise4032d ago

There are a few robots on this site... pp cough cough

MvmntInGrn4032d ago

I think reviewers are giving Gears 2 a pass on some issues but this score is more accurate.


100 and even 95 is cutting it close.

4032d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.