Meristation: Gears of War 2 Review

Meristation writes: "There are innumerable categories inside the world of video games that divide and classify each and every one of the products that hit our shelves and continually struggling, virtually, to be the first in which we spend our euros. There are games, there have been and there will be a thousand and thousand types and genres and different. Shooters, RPGs, Shooters, RPGs, Adventure, Strategy, Simulation, Puzzle ... For older and younger than 18 years. Casual and hardcore. Beautiful and ugly. But basically there are two major subtypes that bring together the really important: that the fun and those who do not. Gears of War 2 is the first."

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4033d ago Replies(1)
robotnik4033d ago

They gave GeoW 1 a 9,5.

miniduf14032d ago

So youre point, a nine must be a terrible score.

Pennywise4032d ago

How dare you call him point.

miniduf14032d ago

Lol Sorry, my grammar is a bit off

Pennywise4032d ago

LOL - I am just playing. I kid, I kid...

robotnik4032d ago

I was just letting you know, no need to act like a prick,

SIX4032d ago

I wasn't ready for that. You made juice come out my nose.

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Arcturus4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

show me all the 10/10 's for resistance, are they in hiding?

jesus. you know Gears 2 is higher on gamerankings with more reviews.
(R2 should be higher with the less reviews fluctuating its average)

Mr Fancy Pants4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

here are all the reviews that have been submitted. and actually R2 is higher but because it's has fewer reviews.

Arcturus4032d ago

i just don't get people this gen...

since when is a 9 or even an 8 a bad score?

DiabloRising4032d ago

Ever since people started taking review scores as fact in this fanboy pissing match between the PS3 and the 360. It's gotten to levels of pathetic that I cannot even begin to fathom. This site needs some standards, quickly. It's a great concept ruined by idiots.

miniduf14032d ago

I agree. You have all these idiots on the reviews where gears got a 4/5 saying oohhhh big flop and so on. 4/5 is a good score, you dont extrapolate it to 8/10 because it is based on a 5 point scale.

OH and who else hates 1ups stupid letter rating system.

DiabloRising4032d ago

I hate every rating system personally, since they are still just opinion. A number/letter doesn't tell me jack about a game, the review does.

The best review system is Kotaku's, which lists likes and dislikes at the end, and lists how far to completion the reviewer was, etc. THAT is how you review a game, even if I don't always agree with their statements.

These people hung up on numebers are pathetic, and unable to form their own opinions. I openly laugh at them.


cmrbe4032d ago

the x360 trolls.

There was once a time when a game score an 8 or above it was considered a great game.

Now if a game is not rated 90+ on stupid metacritic its considered a flop.

X360 trolls loved to claim that last year to put down great PS3 exclusive like HS,RC TOD and Uncharted. Thats when this whole AAA bullcarp started.

Now PS3 fans unfortunately are also caught up in it.

Biased and Bullcrap metacritc couldn't convinced me that Uncharted is no above 90 becuase to me it was the best PS3 exclusive until MGS4.

Let them play with scores while we play games.

HighDefinition4032d ago

Thanks for writing it, I was going to but decided not to. Your exactly right.

Bubble Buddy4032d ago

1UP's scoring system is one of the most idiotic ever.
It's like they use letters in elementary and numbers in high school. It's like 1UP's going backwards.

Rob0g0rilla4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Games aren't even out yet but they'll use a pile of opinions to back up their love for a company or game. Lol, what ever happened to the days when we brought and cheered games because they were good and not because it's on a ps3 or 360.

4032d ago
cmrbe4032d ago

here is how it happened.

PS fans were happy as they were with games they were getting in 06-07 like Uncharted, HS, RCTOD,MS, R2 but x360 trolls in their insecurity and need to put down the PS3 and its fans loved to point out that non of the PS3 exclsuives were AAA as stated by metacritic rating.

Perhaps you weren't here in 06-07 but PS3 fans constantly have to put up with x360 trolls stating that the x360 have x number of AAA compare to the PS3 and the PS3 is a movie player only.

Now that the PS3 is hitting its strides and must have PS exclsuives are comming out. Most PS fans that were burned last year have decided its time for payback. Now we are at the sate we find ourselves in.

I do not at all condone this. All i am saying is that the x360 trolls started all of this.

Its time for people to step back from all this bs. 80-90 used to be great games to have and 90-100 are must buys. I would rather much go back to this.

What most people here don't realize is that game journalist are loving all of this. Its not a surprise to me that alot of games lately are getting 10/10. In the old days 10/10 used to be very rare.

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