Resistance 2" beta preview: Not quite Halo, but Sony's next best thing writes: "Ever since "Halo" saw wild success on the Xbox in 2001, gamers have been attempting to label a number of Sony's FPS franchises as the "Halo Killer." First it was "Killzone," which wasn't received all that well. Then there was the original "Resistance," which was undoubtedly a good game, but not up to "Halo's" caliber. Could "Resistance 2" finally be the game that puts the "Halo" franchise in its place? After my experience with the beta, I would have to say no, for a number of reasons:"

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Pennywise4036d ago

One of his excuses is: "no, I am a 360 fanboy"

Le-mo4036d ago

"Gamers have been attempting to label a number of Sony's FPS franchises as the 'Halo Killer.'"

Not gamers, fanboys.

PirateThom4036d ago

Meh, if fanboys are the cause, the gaming media doesn't help. They hype everything to be "Halo Killer" just as much.

SWORDF1SH4035d ago

im sorry but this article is nonsense. sayin the weopens are to hard for casuals to grasp. if thats the case they will jus use a normal rifle or something. they dont have to use the harder weopens. also how can you rate down a game for a extra feature. it still as all other online normal modes. if you think skirmish is chaotic then dont use that mode. then he says theres no comunity on psn compared to xbox live because people dont wera headsets. and after sayin 60 players ran online with no lag, lets see live do that. im not sayin its better than halo but at least give some valid points. for scale in a fps. nothing comes close to r2.

Mozilla894035d ago

I don't want Resistance to be Halo I want Resistance to be Resistance and Halo to be Halo. They each are awesome.

DavidMacDougall4036d ago

Resistance 2 dont need to be Halo the scale of the game makes it stand out for itself .Its in its own league

Pennywise4036d ago

The league of games that stays in my PS3 for months and months.

byeGollum4036d ago

yeah i agree its in a league of it own -
thank God its not Halo

Overr8ed4035d ago

Yea, Resistance 2 has its own feeling, while Halo has its own.

The gaming GOD4035d ago

First off, Halo 3 isn't exactly all that good. Most of the fps games that came out along side it were better. Like call of duty 4 and orange box.

Second, the moment the media says stuff like "not quite halo" or "Sony/ Nintendo's answer to halo", it IMMEDIATELY gets labeled halo killer.

It's the same way every car game that comes out is claimed to be "Gran Turismo" killer.

The media hypes this stuff up and then has the nerve to talk about "fanboy riots this and fanboy riots that".

DNAgent4035d ago

Resistance 2 is now a must buy. I mean if it's anything NOT like Halo then that gives it potential to be a AAA game.

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The story is too old to be commented.