XIII Remake Coming To All Current-Gen Platforms

Based on the first five volumes of the eponymous comic book series, XIII mixes a story-driven adventure, a solid gameplay and a unique cel-shaded artistic direction.

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PhoenixUp1915d ago

We get a XIII remake before we get a Final Fantasy XIII remaster 🤔

Razmiran1915d ago

Well, it did release several years prior

MasterChief36241915d ago

Who is asking for a Final Fantasy XIII remaster? I'm not even doing the whole "FFXIII sucks, blaaaaaaaarg" thing. I love it. But I don't know why, of all the Final Fantasy games, people would be asking for a remaster of that one, especially since it still looks really good now... There's no need.

PhoenixUp1915d ago

@ Raz

We’ve had remasters of games that came out later than XIII already, what logic does that make?

@ Master

Who was asking for a remaster of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? Yet we’re getting that along with various other unexpected remasters.

There’s been plenty of remasters of great looking 7th gen games, why should FFXIII be exempt from that?

Besides that FFXIII is the only post-SNES mainline FF entry aside from FFVIII & FFXI that’s not playable on PS4. Why go through the effort of rereleasing those FF games but not doing so for FFXIII?

TheProfessional1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

So excited for this XIII had great gameplay, voice acting and story. I remember being skeptical becauase of the cel shading but it was a fantastic game. And the multiplayer had bots!

Kribwalker1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

i loved XIII on my ps2. The MP was a blast to play too. i’ll be picking this one up

Gamehard1915d ago

Still wishing they'd remaster Black.

Zjet1915d ago

Black is fantastic, still play through it once a year usually.

If you have an Xbox One, its backwards compatible and looks fantastic even on standard Xbox One.

snoopgg1915d ago

Yeah black and timeslpitters.

RainOfTerror1915d ago

This was one of my favorite games back in the day .. really hope they do it justice!

Zjet1915d ago

Very excited, as a major fan of the original games (even own every version) and a fan of the comic, very excited, i thought this would never happen.

i do hope we get further story elements though.

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Jiub676d ago

Although the late 2000s Turok wasn't my favorite, I would love a new entry. Open world survival with shotguns and dinosaurs. Not sure how we'd get the fusion cannon, but that would be pretty sweet too.

MadLad676d ago


All of these games are pretty much universally praised. Outside of Timeshift I literally own all of these.

Venoxn4g675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

XIII, The Darkness 2, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Timesplitters: future perfect, Bulletstorm are awesome games

gurp76d ago

I played them all, they are all good in their own way
I used to be obsessed with FPS games