1UP: Gears of War 2 Review

1UP writes: "It's not like the story is meant to be taken seriously. Take one look at protagonists Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago, with their impossibly bulging biceps and redwood-tree-thick physiques, and you realize that these guys are designed to appeal to the sci-fi set and the jock set, not pull at our heartstrings. And yet, in the world of videogaming in general (and certainly in the mind of this reviewer), it's gameplay, not story, that usually proves pivotal in elevating a game to greatness -- meaning Gears of War 2 once again takes the spotlight as one of this generation's premiere shooters."

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MiloGarret4035d ago

Fanboy flamewar coming up...

beast4035d ago

Instead of A they gave Gears of War A+ from 1Up

Enigma_20994035d ago

Don't you deal with enough without actually calling them out?

And I was right... it IS better than Halo 3...

TheUsedVersion4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

All A's & A+'s are given a score of 100 per the "About Metascores" page on the Metacritic website.

Letter Grade Conversion

A or A+ = 100
A- = 91
B+ = 83
B = 75
B- = 67
C+ = 58
C = 50
C- = 42
D+ = 33
D = 25
D- = 16
F+ = 08
F or F- = 0

I personally do not agree with that but there's nothing you can do about it.

EDIT: I just wanted to add that I do not disagree with the 1UP review or even that Gears 2 probably deserves a 100. I disagree with Metacritic converting "A" & "A+" as the same score. "A" should probably be a 95 for sites that give letter grades with "+" & "-". However, sites that give letter grades without "+" & "-" should have an "A" counted as a 100.

In other words, Metacritic gave this particular game a perfect score from 1UP, who according to 1UP's own criteria did not give the game a perfect score. Thats all it boils down to. The game in question is of no importance.

Lanoire4035d ago

"It's not like the story is meant to be taken seriously. Take one look at protagonists Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago, with their impossibly bulging biceps and redwood-tree-thick physiques, and you realize that these guys are designed to appeal to the sci-fi set and the jock set, not pull at our heartstrings."

>> Thats why reviews are meaningless nowadays people. Reviewers are stupid xbots. And highly dubious. If a PS3 game has a weak story, it will be bombarded all over the internet. Every flaw in 360 game is overlooked. From Halo to Flopple to Gays at war. But PS3 games need to fulfill unreachable standards and even if they manage to achieve that like LBP did, it will still not get a 10.

Multiplatform games that look better on the PS3 are given same scores as 360. But when PS3 version looks weaker, they get points deduction.

I cant wait to shove it in all you damned xbots faces when MS pulls the damn plug from the 3rd60 which is already hanging on thin silken threads.

Stryfeno24035d ago

hhahahaaaahaaa Lanoire to the rescue. Pathetic.

Now Loading4035d ago

Gears of War2 has no story,face it

4035d ago
DJ4035d ago

So there's a bunch of hypocrisy. Whatever. Just recommend to your fellow gamers that they should try and see the bigger picture, view the video reviews since those are more accurate, and judge from there.

A lot of gamers simply don't care about Story, or Graphics, or even Sound Design. No use in letting reviewers dictate those terms for us.

butterfinger4035d ago

I still loved every minute of it! With or without a compelling story, Gears 2 is going to kick a$$. If I want to play a game with a great story, I'll play MGS4, if I want to saw dudes in half and blow their body parts off, I'll play Gears.

Crazywhitie4035d ago

it's funny to see you cry now that LBP was a flop and Gears 2 will pass it in sale the first day, It's a clue and get an xbox 360 .. by the way Sony may be jumping out of the console wars and letting apple take there place backing them smart guy...MS is do for the next bestbox in 2010, Maybe by then Sony will have put out some Quality games to save there ass, and maybe they'll be able to have a game Launch with all it's features not patch them there(online, Trophies, Matchmaking)

ArmrdChaos4035d ago

Lol...look's like some people have a case of the Monday's. Why did all of you haters even come into this thread??? Are you some kind of virtual soldier for the "Sony" army? Do you think your arguments and temper tantrums are going to make any change to the world from within this thread??? You corporate cheerleaders really need to quit wasting your time in threads where you shouldn't be...there are so many other positive things you could be doing to help your "masters". That goes for all sides of the fence.

4035d ago
Maxned4035d ago


butterfinger4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I disagreed with Patchstation just because of what you wrote. lmao.


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FBl4035d ago

Notice the lack of a ''+'' sign next to the ''A'',this means LittleBigPlanet is a much better game than Gears of War 2

WIIIS14035d ago


Yeah l totally agree! All that adrenaline pumping violence, gore, brutality, bloodlust and chainsawing just gotta take a backseat to good ol' hopping around with your ever-lovin' dress-me-up Sackboy.

krakdol4035d ago

There is a 'bug' in metacritic, they show 1UP rated this as 100, which they didn't since they gave A / A+. If A is 100, A+ is 120 ?

I guess MS money is good for metacritic ?

Metacritic is highly MS biased anyway since most review sites are American and pro 360.

I only trust IGN.

La Chance4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

geez just relax dude.

It will be fixed in due time.

Go out and get some fresh air , by that time it wil probably be fixed already.

BTW why do you only trust IGN ?.Youre a PS3 fanboy and they lied to you about Fallout 3 PS3 version.

Why so much trust in them ?

butterfinger4035d ago

Does 1up's review score count for more than anyone else's or something? I'm sure with or without this 100, Gears 2 is going to get killer reviews. Just deal with it, dude. If you're not getting the game, then who cares?

Perjoss4035d ago

Who cares, why all this obsession with metacritic anyway, any real gamer will have 1 or 2 sites or magazines that they trust and thats all that matters. Reviews are all just a matter of opinion anyway, many games have gotten rave reviews that I thought were rubbish, and some that get average reviews that I thought were amazing. Opinions are like arseholes, everyones got one.

PirateThom4035d ago

Bubbles to above.

If you're going to put so much weight in metacritic and reviews in general, you're always going to miss out on some underrated gems, while even the highest scored games don't always result in quality.

krakdol4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

@Lachance and butter : Hey, take it easy, I didn't offend your family.

Of course Gears 2 is getting good reviews, according to IGN it's even on par with Resistance 2 (but not on par with LBP). I was one of the first to acknowledge that.

I trust IGN simply because from my experience, they're not biased. They like both PS3 and 360, which is much more than what you can say about Eurogamer, 1UP, Gametrailers or Kotaku... Hence their reviews matter for me, since I can't buy every game. (though I agree reviews ARE opinions)

And yeah, I care about truth, sorry. ;)

Maybe YOU are the one who needs fresh air, Lachance.

facepalm4035d ago

Both "Resistance 2" and "Gears of War 2" are games that each console owner should be proud of. (From what the reviews say...)

If personally own a X360 I would buy "Gears of War 2" in a heartbeat, just as I am going to buy "Resistance 2" tomorrow right after school.

Meta/Review scores shouldn't even matter, they're both great games and both deserve to be played...

Sony and X360 Fanboys... SHUT UP AND PLAY!!

butterfinger4035d ago

I couldn't agree more:) I'll have both games this week, and I'm more concerned with how I'm going to make it to work on practically no sleep than which game is better. lol.

TheUsedVersion4035d ago

Read my post above....

The Metacritic score for the 1UP Review of Gears of War 2 is correct according to the way they convert letter grades on their "About Metascores" page.

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Now Loading4035d ago

LMAO Sackboy>>>>>Mar cus fenix

4035d ago
WIIIS14035d ago

Sonyfangirls >>>> Sonyfanboys

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