9.0 Gears Of War 2 review

The second installment in Epic's dark and brutal sci-fi shooter justifies the incredible hype surrounding it, says Tom Hoggins.

With Gears of War 2 carrying the incredible weight of hype and expectation upon its impossibly large shoulders, it was always going to face a huge amount of scrutiny. Gamers and critics will pore over every inch of Epic Studios' well-oiled war machine, looking for the seams, seeing if the bows will break when given a hard enough prod.
Gears Of War 2

It's a phenomenon fairly unique to video games - hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned - so developers often succumb to the temptation to strengthen the foundations by laying on extra features in an attempt to confound expectations. More features, more characters, more, more, more. Inevitably, this can lead to the game collapsing under its own weight.

How Gears 2 avoids this problem is as subtle as a sledgehammer. Here is a game that pulls no punches - a brash, testosterone-fuelled, hyper-violent shooter that makes no apologies for what it is. Gears 2 is a sequel that remains true to its origins while being, in the words of Clifford Bleszinski, the lead designer, "bigger, better and more badass".

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tatotiburon4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

nice review, marcus chainsaw all the shooters around this holiday..

Metacritic 95% wow, it outscored all the shooters so far, except the xbox 360 version of Bioshock.

See guys, you can make a 300vs300 multiplayer, but it isn't the only thing that matters.

Deviant4031d ago

i respect ur opinion but disagree
god bless you

chasuk084031d ago

metacritic is biased trash. Most the sites they collect reviews from all seem to be fanboys. Eg. 1up, Eurogamer etc. And dont forget metacritic is owned by CNET, and we all know how anti PS3 cnet are. is a much better site that metacritic.

FBl4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

It's a game that doesn't outdo Resistance 2,we know we know

Nicolator4031d ago

THE WAY 9s and and 9.5s and 4.5/5 are flying all over the place i am sure sonyfanboys wanna hang themselves

Snyph3r4031d ago

Gow2 is good for Xbox and R2 good for PS3 but please get your facts right..GOW2 ave review is 9.2 while R2 is 9.4...who's hanging who now? R2's latest review by CC cheat is 4.8/5....just my 2 cents...

squall20994031d ago

yo FBI, you really must not have a freakin life do you? you come to n4g and bad mouth anything xbox360/Microsoft related. well f*ck you and SONY, both of you have 1 thing in common... both of you TALK ALOT OF BULLSH&T AND CANT BACK IT UP. go sack on sony's balls you f**kin sackF*ggot!, your a loser and i hope your freakin SACKSTATION 3 gets stolen.

you know xbox is better quit freakin hating on it, you have no life, you don't go to college, you sit on your windows 98 pc drinking milk and cookies all day refreshing your internet explorer v.7.0 hoping to find another xbox article to sh*t on. well go sh*t on your SONY shrine you made in your bed room and leave use xbox people alone....LOSER!!!

Arcturus4031d ago

wow FBI, your bubbles have just vanished! i wonder why...

tatotiburon4031d ago

i wonder what it will be nasim next nick account? CSI? hahaha

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