Is GameStop Played Out?

GameStop, once the most dominant player in the video game industry, may be on the verge of defeat. In the face of disappointing recent earnings, some investors wonder whether the retailer is crashing like a Super Mario Kart.

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prankster10160d ago (Edited 60d ago )

For us UK folk, how do GAME and CEX fare when they also do similar trading practice?

rainslacker59d ago

Dunno about CEX, but isn't Game also not doing that well?

Jaypi0359d ago

I can't speak for other people, but my personal gamestop is pretty decent, i've never had a negative experience with them, and they also have a lot of cool stuff.

rainslacker59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I don't go to the one closest to me anymore, because I don't get into town that much, but they were always OK to me. The one closer to my work where I used to go quite often was always really good, and one across town which used to be on my way home from another job, is the reason I started shopping at GS again after years of not wanting to deal with them after a incident with a clerk at the start of last gen being an pretentious fan boy a**hole.

Other than that, I usually have a good experience there, and don't judge the whole company based on singular events from a bad experience that I may experience from time to time, because I know that their clerks aren't always well versed in how to talk or deal with people.

I do get more games from Amazon now though, just because I moved out to the country. I did go in there a few days ago to buy my HOTAS controller and Eve:Valkyrie, and I tend to prefer buying hardware there when I am in the market.

nucky6459d ago

i still get my new releases there - like days gone....i like picking it up thursday night!

Positivelypositive 59d ago

I haven't traded games in for years now. I found they raised the prices on all their used games then posted huge loses. Gee I wonder why? If they raised the prices to try and combat original losses they did it wrong. To make people buy used games you lower the prices even more so they are appealing. They shot themselves in the foot then thought they would balance it out by adding think geek and nerd merchandise. I go in now and a used game cost 18.99 and the new one is 19.99. If I have their bonus card its another 5% cheaper. That is a huge fail years ago that used copy would have been 14.99 and then another 10% off with the membership. I just don't understand how they think that is the way to go to help their business.