Two brand new Resistance 2 video's

PS3-Sense posted up two brand new Resistance 2 video's. One video will tell you to storyline of Resistance: Fall of Man and the other shows the upcoming TV-commercial of the game.

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Montrealien4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Can`t wait to put this game in my PS3, doing so tonight after work! :D

Only thing that pisses me off a litle is that this is a second generation PS3 game made by one of the best Sony second parties and it`s still in 720p native, what gives? I bought my PS3 for the best HD gaming, guess that`s in 720p. eitherway, game looks sick, just tried it here at work.

ReTarDedFisHy4034d ago

You've seen the gameplay no? And played the beta?
There's like a billion enemies on the screen at once, each with dynamic AI. And "self-preservation" FEAR style :D
Plus, 60 player matches

I think that they had to keep it 720p to retain the solid framerate
What surprised me was that R&C:ToD was only 720p.

Montrealien4034d ago

I completly agree, I was just under the impression that the PS3 had no limits. ;D

Ju4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Now, my theory on ToD is, it didn't work out the way they wanted...possibly the R2 engine ran away but couldn't be used in ToD, hence this "scaled down episode". Guess we'll see that engine running the next full R&C end 2009 then. I'm curious if we'll ever see full blown 1080p games. MGS4 surprisingly used 1080, but guess it was upscaled. But all other 1080p games usually don't have that much going on on the screen. Wipeout HD is the first games using 1080 in a creative "dynamic" way. That might work for games like R2 (R3 maybe?)...

Edit. Meant Quest for Booty, not ToD.

DJ4034d ago

Yeah, there's certain GPU limits. I doubt we'll see 1080p FPS titles simply because you lose half your graphical potential by doubling the on-screen resolution from 720p to 1080p.

etownone4034d ago

actually R&C was only 704p.

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gamerdude114034d ago

These are old. @Montrealien - You will not get a 1080p FPS this generation. Just be happy with the rock solid framerate.

Montrealien4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

oh I am, but the least it could be is upscaled 1080p, no? I was told Tue HD was 1080p, was I missled? I guess HD is just HD right? I could of done without the mandaory install also, but 2-3 miutes aint that bad I guess.

FBl4034d ago

These videos perfectly illustrate why Gears of War 2 is no match for Resistance 2

4034d ago
IBF4034d ago

praise the cell everyday

FIB4034d ago

cell is teh greatest so on and so forth

pp4034d ago

Hahahahahahhahahhaha hahahhahahhahahhahahaha those 2 were the funniest video's i have ever seen hahahhahahahhahahaha hahahahahhahahaha.

y0haN4034d ago

Then you need to watch some Eddie Murphy or something.

DJ4034d ago

Real 360 owners are not like this.

Montrealien4034d ago

lol, why is that a warning? Are you saying real gamers who love all consoles are scary??

Pennywise4034d ago

Poor mans game on a console that cost more money. Sorry to break it to you peepeehead... 360 is the bargain bin, money saver console. I heard they are taking food stamps for 360's now.

Montrealien4034d ago

I got both 360 and PS3 and get all the games I can, being poor sucks! And! I`ll be playing Resistance 2 tonight! Gears 2 tomorow, gaming is good to me these days. ;D

Pennywise4034d ago

I am jealous... Noone will sell R2 until tomorrow around here.

BLUR1114034d ago

Oh yeah that's right this game will be released tomorrow damn I forgot.

But then again who really cares cause friday is coming!!

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demoneyeslaharl4034d ago

...for games. Thing is, there isn't much difference between the two, hence the devs stick with the solid 720p.

Maybe the next Playstation and XBox will give us those numbers, maybe more. In all seriousness... the difference isn't even that great.

Montrealien4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I fully agree, as in , I fully HD, even in 720p ;D

I really can; t wait for 3600 x 2990 resolutio, Tru-er HD will be amazing!

gamerdude114034d ago

I hope the next generation brings 60 frames per second as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.