Giant Bomb: Gears of War 2 Review

When I first got my hands on Gears of War 2, it didn't really feel like a dramatic leap above or beyond the original game. It lead to one of those satisfied feelings of "OK, good, they didn't screw anything up." Then I went back and popped in the original Gears of War for a quick comparison, and that's when I realized how much better Epic's new game was than the last one. Gears of War 2 offers refined gameplay, a better and more interesting campaign, expanded multiplayer, and significantly improved graphics. In short, it's just about everything you'd want out of a sequel.

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pp4035d ago

Another perfect score just keep coming.i can hear voices in the distance crying i wonder who they can be.

thewhoopimen4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Whoah Slick, if you're hearing voices, you'd better go get your head checked. Must be hard listening to your imaginary girlfriend cry ;p

4035d ago
blooodFrenzy924035d ago

OH SH!T ign gave it a 9.5 wait!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhah well its still not perfect so ha FLOPPP

4035d ago
Mikelarry4035d ago

another good review. looks like cliffy was right after all

thematrix12984035d ago

lol no one take these guys as reviewers...did you any of you see that Bonus Round on GT--> The owner of this site is a big time 360 fanboy.

pp4035d ago

Go cry somewhere else who gives a sh*t.

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The story is too old to be commented.