TGR: Gears of War 2 Video Game Review

"No one was surprised when Gears of War went on to sell truckloads of copies. It looked good, it was made by a tried and trusted team, and most of all, it was the most visceral action game consoles have ever seen. If you had testosterone in your body, Gears of War was likely an enjoyable treat.

So obviously no one should be surprised that Gears of War 2 is arguably the second most-hyped game release of the year. (I'd put Metal Gear Solid 4 slightly ahead of it.) TV spots, viral marketing, constant talk of the upcoming movie; Microsoft's doing all they can to make people want to pick up and play Marcus and Dom's latest epic adventure.

That really is the only way to describe the overall feeling when playing Gears of War 2: epic. Gigantic, open areas; caverns teeming with life on all sides; sunken cities; the Locust stronghold. Every act in the Gears 2 campaign has more detail, and more breathtaking vistas and scenes than Gears 1 ever offered. "

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cain1414029d ago

I enjoyed the first, but I got bored really quickly after playing it...

NovaUK4029d ago

Looking forward to playing this then, as I enjoyed the first game.

italianbreadman4029d ago

Awesome, I can't wait to play this game!!!!

Nick27284029d ago

It seems that Microsoft has managed to do what is often a difficult thing to do: manage an effective sequel that raises rather then diminishes the series. However, the problems with the other parts of the game-the easy boss fights, the multiplayer issues-is strange. Can it be that a game so great in other areas has to be really bad in some others? Strange but true.

cain1414029d ago

It looks like it's going to be a lot like Halo 2. It raised the bar. Didn't meet the hype though. Great title, but the ending sucked...

StephanieBBB4029d ago

Replace Microsoft with Epic and your correct.

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