Xbox One S All-Digital still has an eject button and disc drive port inside

Microsoft’s new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition still retains remnants of the disc drive.

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Jin_Sakai725d ago ShowReplies(6)
Immagaiden725d ago

You can find the disc based model for that much at a lot of places

There’s no benefit in getting this new model

bloop725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

Not only that, but you'll get a new game bundled in with it too. The SAD doesn't have any game with it.

Literal_Cringe725d ago

It does come with Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves

aconnellan725d ago

Doesn’t it come with Sea of Thieves/Forza and something else pre installed?

bloop725d ago

Ah, ok!! My bad. None of the promotional stuff I've seen said anything about that.

rainslacker725d ago

You could buy all three of those games physical for less than $50, so you'd still be coming out ahead buying a $250 X1S, with a game or two, then buying those three games if you actually want them.

indysurfn724d ago

This whole bundle sounds like a test market. To see if they can get people to buy a system that has no used games market keeping prices in check. What happens if they want to kill the servers and the hard drive crashes?

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Dizzy11523724d ago

The bundles on the S are $50 less and come with new games. Not Gamepass junk.

Evolve725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

1- Removes the disc drive and charges more than a console with a built-in drive.
2- Keep marketing for a backward compatibility feature while releasing a console with no disc drive.

Keep up the good work, Microsoft.

micdagoat19725d ago

and a tiny non-replaceable Hard drive

725d ago
Godmars290724d ago

What? They just got done firing their last CEO, now you want to get rid of the current one?

KlassicKent724d ago

Can they still use an external HDD? That's what I've been using. Are other Xbox Ones able to have their HDDs replaced? I did not know this.

fr0sty724d ago

external HDDs are limited by USB3 bandwidth, which is slower than SATA.

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micdagoat19725d ago

A lot of things they have done right such as the Xbox one X, play anywhere, and the Backwards compatibility stuff. They always start building trust back up and then do something weird like this.


Microsoft...the company that just can't get right.

Pickledpepper724d ago

Not defending it but why have the lost trust? Is it not the consumer's choice to buy it or not, have they rendered all other versions of Xbox obsolete and force it on everyone?
It maybe a bad decision but at the end of the day it's consumer's choice.
Same as it was my choice not to buy the half arsed ps4 pro, base model is just fine.

micdagoat19724d ago

not totally lost trust but it's just a dumb thing they did by not having a whole new board with a larger hard drive. not adding anything to make it different really. Not near cheap enough at this point on top of all that.

rakentaja725d ago

If you don't like it, there is a device called Xbox 360 or Xbox (the original), if you also don't like the Xbox 360.

King_Noctis725d ago

Does MS suddenly stop selling disc based consoles or something?

Bathyj724d ago

Feels like they're dipping their toe in the water for next gen.

KlassicKent724d ago

The charging more is where I don't get it but aren't most (if not all?) backwards compatible games available via the digital store? Not saying it's as good as disc but at least (I think) they could still play all these games.

PETE1985724d ago

From what I can gather Microsoft has commited to always having at least a $50 difference in price (digital cheaper). This will be RRP so if so retailers choose to do different that is on them. Also, they are not replacing existing SKU's with this, it is another option. I can't see how more options are bad. People can buy what they want and for some (like me) this optik. Would be great. I have over 200 games and none are on disc. It is definitely not for everyone but I don't think it is meant to be.

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porkChop725d ago

In order to remove the internal eject button and the drive port they would have to redesign the internals. It's the same board and internals as an Xbox One, because that's what it is. They aren't redesigning the whole thing. The system is already $50 too expensive, yet people are complaining that they didn't do something that would increase the price further? Where's the logic?

xander70769725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

Where’s the logic in this system in the first place? It’s the same board and internals as an Xbox one, “because that’s what it is.” Then why would anyone want this over a regular Xbox One? It’s the exact same thing EXCEPT missing an important feature - no physical media. All while Microsoft boasts and markets their backwards compatibility, this console just plain makes no sense.

All it is, is Microsoft testing the waters for how consumers will respond to a digital only future. It’s obvious that’s what MS wants, but if they really want to test the waters then they should actually commit and do a redesign and sell the All Digital box at a significantly lower price. But hey, I think All Digital is stupid anyways, so I look forward to this experiment failing badly.

porkChop725d ago

Whether the system is a good idea or not is irrelevant to the topic at hand. The internal eject button and drive port are there because making a whole new console would cost too much money for what is supposed to be a budget console. It's too expensive as it is.

rainslacker725d ago

I think they're testing the waters, because 1 out of ten thousand people on the internet said they'd be open to an all digital console, because they don't buy physical anyways. But, I'm pretty sure 99% of those 1 out of ten thousand people thought they'd spend less for the console because of the removal of the drive. Not the same price they could have a fully featured console for. I know all digital people can be prickly about how much they adore digital, and how they want physical to die, but at the same time, I don't think they're so stupid to choose the lesser of the choices available.

On the plus side, when these things fail, there will be some good fire sales, so maybe people can pick one up for around $50-100. That's kind of what happened with the PSPGo, except they really didn't have that many available on the open market.

Godmars290724d ago

Its an experiment. Not that bumping the price UP makes any sense.

KlassicKent724d ago

This would have been amazing at $150. Might have been a great way to get people into the Xbox ecosystem before next gen.

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Razzer725d ago

Not true. Plenty of consoles are redesigned for cost saving measures. The PS3 Slim, Superslim, the PS4 Slim. heck go back to the PS1 and PS2 days and there are plenty of examples of consoles redesigned entirely that coincided with price drops.

This All-Digital system was poorly thought out from its stupid name to actualization.

porkChop725d ago

That's when they're switching to newer, smaller, cheaper versions of the CPUs, GPUs, etc. It's also usually replacing the previous SKU, meaning they don't need additional manufacturing lines.

The costs are usually offset by the cheaper manufacturing. This system is using all the same hardware. Redesigning the chassis, case, etc., without significant cost-saving measures would make the system too expensive to produce.

rainslacker725d ago

Redesigns will come when they move onto a new phase of sourcing for the next batch of product to be manufactured. They aren't likely to scrap any available sourced products to make a new board or internals.

Since this systems prospects are an unknown, I can see MS wanting to use the more readily produced main system boards, as it would keep the overall costs down.

Razzer725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

"That's when they're switching to newer, smaller, cheaper versions of the CPUs, GPUs, etc. "

Not necessarily. The PS3 had 5 generations of hardware with overlapping CPU and GPU processes going from 90 nm down to 45nm. The 5th generation PS3 Super Slim, which was a major redesign, had the same CPU and GPU as the 4th generation Slim.

So no, you do not have to have drastic changes in key components in order to have cost-cutting measures in redesigned hardware.

Bathyj724d ago

Where the logic?
That should be the Xbox catch phrase.

KickSpinFilter724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

As far as a machining production tools for a new console would be ridiculous, 100% agree with you.
But this also should have come in at $200 not 250.
Or at least pick any three MS exclusives for 250
But in the end it's a SAD price to offer this at.

porkChop724d ago

I agree. The price really should have been $199.

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