Who Is Meant To Buy A $250 Disc-Less Xbox One S Six Years Into Its Life-Cycle?

Microsoft has debuted an all-digital Xbox One S with a target market of who, exactly?

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lxeasy798d ago

I wonder if they came up with this idea late into the cycle or if they wanted to do this for a while but didn't know if it would work. Every game I bought this gen has been digital. So I could have benefitted from this years earlier in the gen cycle. How ever I'm not going to trade in my current console for this.

antarius798d ago

I buy digital only also but having a built in blu Ray player is still quite viable. I can’t see this selling well at all.

Eonjay798d ago

I keep saying this but the truth is you can buy the S model for less and use that for digital only.
And you can still use Xbox 360 discs for BC titles.
There is no point in spending more when you can do the very same thing on the cheaper model.

bouzebbal798d ago

especially not at this price.. digital games are also overpriced.

Atom666798d ago

When I look at the timing, only doing it with the S model, and the overall low cost approach to its manufacturing and launch, I think it is the "Canary in the coal mine" strategy some hypothesized.

Test the market and get people used to the idea.

rainslacker798d ago

So, as a hypothetical, lets say this released at the launch day for the generation, or at least before you brought your X1.

Would a $50 difference really mean that much to you to lose a rather big option of being able to play physical games? Even if all your games are digital, would you turn away a physical copy if it crossed your path, a friend gave you one, or you came across it at GameStop for $5. Or any other scenario really.

I'm not sure why MS thinks $50 would be that big of an incentive for anyone spending over $200 on a console. Over $200 is still above the bargain price for impulse buys. Sure, $249 and $299 may be a big difference for some people, but they're still seeing that it's above $200, but less than $300. For people that really have to worry about that kind of money, they're both still too expensive, and if they can't afford them anyways, but buy them, then they're probably not careful enough with their money to make a difference. If they saved up over time, they're likely more reasonable, and know that they will be able to get a lot of used or physical games a lot cheaper quicker than they'll ever get them with digital, as digital prices tend to be higher longer.

I'm not one to really say that everyone is intelligent, and makes wise choices, but overall, I also don't think the consumer base at large are complete idiots.

RosweeSon798d ago

Fanboys who’ve kept them going this long. Such a poor Gen from microsoft

antarius798d ago

Relax. The X is the best piece of console hardware out there, Microsoft just needs to get better at putting out exclusives people want to play.

Rude-ro798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

But that is part of the point..
The x is leaving the s and base to a point that even the performance can not be recommended for players.
Why even release it?
They will get irrelevant next year as Microsoft pushes to have competing games. They will either not be supported, or the performance and graphics will be massively effected.
It is a lose lose situation.
They should have just done a disc-less x with a lower price point to get players that have not upgraded to stay within the Microsoft eco system with a console that will be viable three years from now.

RosweeSon798d ago

Microsoft needs to get better at a lot. X may be the best (technically) actually in practice tho it’s my 3rd choice prob 5/6th choice after PS4/switch/3ds/Vita/Wii U and then maybe Xbox but I think, know the other 5 previously mentioned consoles are keeping me more tha. Busy all bought day one except vita and still use them to this day. Xbox1s got sold after 4 months lol

UltraNova798d ago

MS messed it up with the SAD and its price, here I've said it. What they should have done is also release an Xb1 X discless edition at 300 dollars alongside the former at 199.

The Wood798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

The best looking games are on the ps pro. What's a gun without bullets a

thrust798d ago

Yeah the Xbox one x is the well the best at 3rd party games why would any gamer play them on a different console, always play on the best and most powerful that is out!!!!

Ricegum798d ago


Why are the best looking games exclusive to PlayStation then?

Also, by your logic you'll be rushing out to get the PS5 on release if power is what matters to you.

798d ago
Apex13798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

It's an expensive system that plays the same game as the cheaper Xbox but with 4k graphics. I can't believe several millions of people fell for this. Yes, and no exclusives for if was a dumb move as their original unfailing of Xbox one.

Flewid638798d ago

When's that gonna happen, given that this gen is almost over?

cyber_daemonx797d ago

A console is defined by its library not its powah fgs. On that front the x is abysmal tbh.

bluefox755797d ago

It's not about hardware, it's about the games. Even with all of the power of the X, it still has nothing that looks as good as Sony exclusives. Hardware is meaningless if no one can take advantage of it.

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spicelicka798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

I don't even fanboys go around buying multiple consoles of the same company. Any fanboy would already have an XB1.

Also, it's not just fanboys keeping them going. Regardless of their poor showings this gen, Halo and Gears of war are still at the top of their genres. That's what I've kept my Xbox around for.

crazyCoconuts798d ago

Agree with the "not just fanboys" comment. I'd guess a really large % of customers have been sticking with the brand they've been using over the years. Parents, casual gamers, etc. They had a 360, got a one, and will most likely buy the next Xbox.

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darthv72798d ago

This is akin to the wii mini or the SNES Jr or the Genesis 3. All of which were systems released at or near the end of their respected platform cycles. And all of them had some reductions in features. SNES Jr lacked Svideo and RGB support. Wii mini has no SD card support or wifi so it can never connect to the internet for any wii shop titles. Genesis 3 was reduced in size so it cant work with the 32x or sega cd and some units dont even have stereo sound.

their primary focus was in being a cheaper point of entry into those respected platform libraries. They cut out features they felt were not needed and if a consumer did want them... the existing, full featured, models were still on the market. The XBOS ADE is no different in that regard. It is just a cheaper S but as it is now, the current S is already selling at retailers for the same $250 price even though the MSRP is $300 so MS really needs to rethink the ADE price of $250 in markets where the S is already that.

MS should have made it $200 with a 2tb hdd.

rainslacker798d ago

All three of your examples didn't sacrafice a way to play the media on the system itself. Yes, you don't need the media on this system, just internet access to download the games, but this would be more akin to any of those systems removing the Cart port to actually play the games, and saying you could only play on a new type of media, which you don't own.

darthv72797d ago

Uhhh... yeah they are. Wii mini loses ot on that whole half of the wii library (wii shop digital games) and the genesis 3 losing out on 2/3 of the genesis library (cd games and 32x games).

I'd say they sacrificed plenty.

rainslacker797d ago

The Wii Shop digital games could be had elsewhere if they were actually Wii Games, and the smaller games obviously weren't important enough to them in the face of whatever cost saving measure they felt they needed. If they had enough people buying them, they wouldn't have sacrificed the option.

And no. The SegaCD and 32X combined were nowhere near 2/3 of the genesis library. Both were failed systems that weren't required to play the carts themselves, and I'd say combined, they made up less than 5% of the total library available to the Genesis.

micdagoat19798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

why is it 250$ though? That doesn't seem right at all. Also, they should have made it with an easily replaceable hard drive.

Servbot41798d ago

Yeah I dunno why any person would buy this ever. Removing the disc drive doesn't bring the cost of manufacturing down more than a few pennies. They could have at least stuffed a 5tb harddrive in there; by now the rest of the parts are dirt cheap compared to 6 years ago.

micdagoat19798d ago

I would think to remove the drive would make it a lot cheaper. they can make a smaller board and no 4k blu ray drive. definitely should have a way bigger hard drive.

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