TGR: Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 Video Game Review

""Let me hug your throat." A statement uttered early on by a friendly looking mental patient who just wants to be friends -- until he attempts to bludgeon you with his fists. Thus sums up the humor and experience that is Penny Arcade Adventures On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 2, or PAAOtRPoD:E2 for short ... if one would consider that short. For those uninitiated, Penny Arcade Adventures is a downloadable episodic RPG-adventure series that takes titular smart-asses Gabe and Tycho from the ever-popular Penny Arcade comic and thrusts them into a universe full of deadly bums, vomiting phonographs, and ... ahem .... randy robots with an affection for fruit. Considering the comic is a skewed look at the ins and outs of video gaming, the two comic titans fit into this bizarre 1920s sci-fi universe unexpectedly well, as do a number of their strange supporting characters that fans know and love from the comic."

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italianbreadman4034d ago

I still have to play through the first one! I enjoyed what I HAVE played, though. Great writing.

cain1414034d ago

Same, unfortunatly the gameplay really never got my attention. It's buried under my back log of games...

DNAgent4034d ago

The Penny Arcade games are garbage (much like their comics).

ThePimpOfSound4034d ago

I love Penny Arcade but for some reason this game doesn't really appeal to me. Granted, I haven't tried it.