1up Gear of War 2 video review

video review of gears of war 2 is now live at 1up and they have awarded the game an 'A'. 1up awarded the first game an 'A+'

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pp4030d ago

Poor droids are hiding in shame.

krakdol4030d ago

Still much weaker than LBP. It looks like a tie with Resistance 2, though.

Harri44444030d ago

r2 is b better besuese of its scale dont be silly.
i feel sad for you

Harri44444030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

looks like they stepped the gore up did anybody see the river of blood

RAF-TECH4030d ago

R2 is no flop.
I enjoyed the Beta.
But to be on topic.
Gears 2 will dominate holiday

La Chance4030d ago

Yeah I think that too.i dont see which game can go against Gears 2 to dominate this Xmas.

Now lets see if it actually beats Gears 1 first week sales.

I bet it will.

SuperM4030d ago

Concidering the install base is alot bigger this time it should be way higher first week sales then gears 1

rexor07174030d ago

GoW2 deserves it A. But so does R2.

Sitdown4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

It should surpass the first week sells of the original easily...I mean given all the pre-order incentives this time around. You got gift cards galore, radio controlled cars, map packs, golden weapons, cheaper 360s, and of course the fan base of the original.

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RAF-TECH4030d ago

definition of Next-Gen gaming.

krakdol4030d ago

LBP is a much better definition. Gaming 2.0.

User generated content is nowhere to be seen in gears 2.

DJ4030d ago

Can't wait to play it. A few things about the Gears 2 reviews going around have surprised me, but it's possible the gaming media has finally grown out of some bad habits.

Kuest4030d ago

Looks like Gears is what it is...

Stellar, baby.

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The story is too old to be commented.